Cocoa Beach, Florida

Lauren Bird

It's Spring!

In the week I tracked the wind got to a high of 15 MPH and, a low of 6 MPH. The high for temperature was 81 degrees and, the low was 55 degrees. It rained for four days out of the seven. The humidity ranged from

My Contact

My dads best friend; Brett Murphy, lives in Cocoa Beach, Florida. His house is less than a mile from the beach, he also owns a giant iguana (6 feet long) that thrives because of the climate in Florida.

(Photo from left to right* Brett Murphy, James D. bird, James L. bird)


Florida is generally the same all year round, hot and humid, this is because it is surrounded almost entirely by water.With a latitude of 28.3311 degrees North it is very close to the equator, which is another reason why it's so hot. The north trade winds circulate the warm water, this is another cause to make the small city very warm. Cocoa Beach is prone to hurricanes, because again it is surrounded by water.

What if?

If Cocoa Beach was moved inland or to a state that's not surrounded by water it probably wouldn't continue to be a beach, it also would cause the city to be much cooler than usual.