Miss Cleasby's 4K News

News for the week of January 21st

Rhyming Theme

This week we will focus on "Rhyming"! Learning rhymes as young children is more than just a pastime; the ability to rhyme is a reading readiness skill. Rhyming helps teach both the sound and letter patterns necessary for reading and spelling; hot, spot, pot…fan, can, ran etc. There are many fun games and activities that you can do with your child that can help facilitate their phonemic awareness. Below is an article with different examples of things you can do at home. Also see below for a fun video that can help teach kids about rhyming words. This week we will be incorporating rhyming into all aspects of our school day.
Rhyme Time (From Hooked on Phonics)

Jolly Phonics

Our Jolly Phonics letter of the week is "O". The letter "O" sound action is to pretend to turn a light switch on and off, and say o,o,o,o; on. off. The "O" song has the following lyrics sung to the tune of Old MacDonald.

Now it's dark,
the lights go on.
/o/ /o/ /o/ /o/ /o/
Time for bed,
the lights go off,
/o/ /o/ /o/ /o/ /o/.

Below is a Jolly Phonics vowel video which includes the letter /O/ song.
Phonics - Jolly Phonics - Vowels - Part 13.flv

Star of the Week- A.M. Class

Great job as "Star of the Week" Taylor! Thanks for showing us your neat poster and all your cool show and tell pictures and toys. Thanks for having your grandma visit and read us some of your favorite books!

Name Writing

We will soon begin to teach students to write their names. You will also soon start to notice that projects sent home will include your child's writing. We will be teaching them to write their name the way they will be expected to write it in Kindergarten (the first letter capital and the rest lowercase). We will be using the Handwriting without Tears language for letter formation. Below are links for the HWT language for both the capital and lowercase letters.


*High/Low Game: Last week we played a math game in class called the High/Low game. This week in your child's folder will be a baggie with cards inside so you can play this game at home. It is a simple game, yet it really helps 4K students think about number concepts such as high/low and more/less. Please play this with your child at home.

*Please mark your calendars for a special parent/child craft night coming up this February. The A.M. class craft night will take place on Monday, February 11th from 6:00- 7:00pm at the Elementary School Room 231. The P.M. class craft night will be held on Tuesday, February 12th from 6:00-7:00pm. at Holland's Preschool. We will be making a valentine craft, singing some songs, and having some treats. If you would like to volunteer to bring a treat or drink to the craft night that would be wonderful! Please just e-mail me and let me know what you would like to bring so I can keep track of the treats. I hope everyone will be able to attend!