Walnut Creek School District

Governing Board Meeting Summary for May 2022


Governing Board Members

  • Aimee Moss, Board President - present
  • Zetta Reicker, Board Clerk - present
  • Heidi Hernandez-Gatty, Trustee - absent
  • Nithin Iyengar, Trustee - present
  • Sarah Talach, Trustee - absent
  • Marie Morgan, Superintendent - present


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The following staff were proudly recognized by the Board, Superintendent Morgan, and site Principals for their extraordinary efforts:

  • Teachers of the Year:
    Buena Vista - Marci Gould
    Indian Valley - Liza Nelson
    Murwood - Paula Rathert **
    Parkmead - Heather Espana
    Tice Creek - Julie Elliott
    Walnut Creek Intermediate - Karen Worthington
    Walnut Heights - Shauna Tatum
    District Office - Julie Ellis

  • Classified Employees of the Year:
    Buena Vista - Daniel Marr
    Indian Valley - Trude Rutan **
    Murwood - Erin Sicotte
    Parkmead - Ninh Nguyen
    Tice Creek - Danielle Paulson
    Walnut Creek Intermediate - Giovanna Sanchez
    Walnut Heights - Diana Smith
    District Office - Griselda Barraza

** District Teacher of the Year and District Classified Employee of the Year


The Board approved the following consent items:

  • Governing Board Meeting Minutes, 11th April 2022 - Closed Session
  • Governing Board Meeting Minutes, 18th April 2022
  • Governing Board Meeting Minutes, 22nd April 2022 - Governance Workshop
  • Governing Board Meeting Minutes, 26th April 2022
  • April 2022 Warrants
  • Personnel Consent Calendar Items


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The Board heard the following discussion & information items:

  • Pam Davis, Educational Services Teacher on Special Assignment, presented highlights of the first year of implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards aligned programs at the elementary level. Our TK-2nd graders worked with Stemscopes, while our 3rd-5th graders worked with Amplify like our 6th-8th graders. Science specialists collaborated with teachers to make sure that science lab lessons and classroom lessons tie together well. Student have really been engaged in Science this year - asking questions & defining problems; developing & using models; planning & carrying out investigations; analyzing & interpreting data; using math & computational thinking; constructing explanations & designing solutions; engaging in argument from evidence; obtaining, evaluating & communicating information. For 2022-23, we will be reviewing the materials used, scope & sequence, unit & lesson review, professional learning for standards, and, hopefully, creating a science committee.


The Board voted on the following recommended action items:

  • Superintendent Morgan recommended reinstating a third administrator at WCI, and appointing Milissa Banister, current Indian Valley principal, to the position as Administrator of Student Support. Approved, 3-0 (2 absent)
  • Superintendent Morgan recommended approval of Resolution 21-22-12, declaring May 2022 as Employee Recognition Month. Approved, 3-0 (2 absent)
  • Superintendent Morgan requested approval of the Declaration of Need for Fully Qualified Educators for 2022-2023. Approved, 3-0 (2 absent)
  • Jan Rogenski, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, and Pam Davis, Educational Services Teacher on Special Assignment, recommended the adoption of Spanish World Language curriculum, Klett World Languages Reporteros for grades sixth through eighth. Approved, 3-0 (2 absent)
  • Ruben Fernandez, Director of Innovation & Technology, requested approval of a proposal from Dell EMC to replace data center infrastructure. Approved, 3-0 (2 absent)
  • Director of Innovation & Technology, Ruben Fernandez, recommended approval of a proposal from Arborland Tree Service for labour and materials necessary to mitigate tree safety hazards at Walnut Creek Intermediate and the District Office. Approved, 3-0 (2 absent)
  • Ruben Fernandez, Director of Innovation & Technology, recommended retroactive approval of a contract with Roto Rooter Plumbing for emergency work done on the failed main water line to Murwood Elementary School. Approved, 3-0 (2 absent)


The Board Members reported the following activities since our last Board meeting:

  • Nithin Iyengar: nothing to report; reminded Board that he will not be here in June & thanked them for continuing the work while he's gone
  • Zetta Reicker: attended open house at WCI on 5/10 and open house at Tice Creek on 5/11
  • Aimee Moss: attended the Retirement Social on 5/5; on 5/12, met with Superintendent Morgan for agenda planning and attended open house at Parkmead
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26 Tice Creek 8th Grade Promotion, 10am

26 WCI 8th Grade Promotion, 5:30pm

27 Last Day of School - Minimum Day, All Grades

30 Memorial Day Holiday


6 Governing Board Meeting, DO, 6pm

13 Governing Board Meeting, DO, 6pm

Looking for more information?

Follow this BoardDocs link to access Governing Board agendas and supporting documents, as well as approved Board meeting minutes.

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