Core Hypnosis

Heather Gagnon, CCH

Certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists, Heather provides services tailored to the individual, as well a variety of less-intensive, group sessions. Whether you wish to release a habit that's restricting your growth and well-being, want to unlock your true potential, or you're simply seeking some peace and tranquility, Heather will help move toward your goal with remarkable compassion, empathy and respect.

Services and Rates

Guided Imagery/Meditation/Relaxation

30 minute *mini-sesh*~ $20

60 minute session ~ $35

Intensive Work~ Anxiety, Sleep Complications, Smoking Cessation, Weight Release, Advanced Stress Reduction~Covered in a series of 60 minute sessions.

One-60 Minute Session ~ $55

Three-60 Minute Sessions ~ $155

Five-60 Minute Sessions ~ $250

*Group Sessions Available!

Group Sessions available for Guided Imagery/Guided Meditation/Relaxation and Basic Stress Reduction only.

Small Group (3-5 people) $30/person for 60 minute Session

Large Group (6 or more people) $25/person for 60 minute Session ~ 413-250-5848 ~

123 Union St. Suite 201 in The Button Building Easthampton, MA 01027