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What is EdPuzzle?

EDpuzzle is a free, innovative site that lets you take just about any video, edit it down to the portions you want, add audio notes and questions for students, and create virtual classrooms where you can monitor individual student work.
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How can I use it to enhance & transform my classroom?

  • What makes EDpuzzle great is the level of freedom given in cropping, sharing, and tracking video use in the classroom. EDpuzzle enhances the “flipped” classroom by allowing you to embed formative assessment directly into your videos. As students watch, you can check understanding and ensure active watching vs. passive watching. In a flipped scenario, this gives you the ability to completely tailor a lesson the next day based on the formative assessment results you get from homework. This is truly utilizing assessment to inform instruction (which is the point of assessment!).
  • For primary teachers, EDpuzzle could be used as part of a guided reading center. YouTube has lots of great read-along videos. (You can also create your own based on class reading!) Use these videos along with EDpuzzle to check for comprehension. As the video plays, embed questions to check for understanding. Students can independently go through the guided reading (or Close reading) activity, while you work one-on-one with other reading groups. Rotate the reading groups throughout the week so that each student gets the opportunity to go through the EDpuzzle guided reading activity, and each group gets one-on-one time with you. This is a fantastic way to maximize your time and get valuable feedback from all student learning. EDpuzzle could also be used in this way as a science center (with a video pertaining to an experiment or new learning), a math center, etc. I love using center rotations because it ensures that I have time to work closely with each group.
  • For secondary students, use EDpuzzle is a great way to check for understanding. It is also a wonderful way for students to create and demonstrate understanding. EDpuzzle would be ideal for sub days. I always dreaded being away from the classroom because it was essentially a lost day. Even if the substitute did EXACTLY what I asked, I missed the opportunity to see my students work and think. EDpuzzle would give you the ability to “teach” remotely and embed the same questions and promptings you would give if you were live in the classroom. While you won’t get to hear all of the discussion, you will have some feedback to better understand how your students were thinking.
  • With documentary-type videos, EDpuzzle can be used to embed writing prompts. Record a prompt throughout the video so that students can pause and write out their reflections and thoughts. I find that good documentaries are often SO packed full of good things that by the end of the video, only the last 10 minutes get well-reflected on. The documentary Baraka would be an incredible video to do this with!

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Self-Paced Training

Things to Read and Watch

Don't be overwhelmed by the number of videos below... they are almost all less than a minute!

EdPuzzle - Set up Account
Edpuzzle - Create your first video-lesson
EDpuzzle - Chrome Extension
Crop - EDpuzzle
Audio Notes - EDpuzzle
EDpuzzle - Questions
EDpuzzle - Due Date
EdPuzzle can be used in different ways. After creating/finding a video lesson, you can and share it with students:

  1. Through their share options (link, embed code, Facebook, Twitter, email, Google Classroom) without student accounts. This allows students to use the lesson and receive instant feedback to MC questions, but will not track any data.
  2. Setting up EdPuzzle classes with student accounts. This gives you all the information you want about who has completed the lesson, their responses, etc. Since students can login with their Google accounts, it is also super easy and avoids the creation of another username and password.
  3. A combination of 1 & 2. Connect your Google Classroom to instantly create EdPuzzle classes.

I certainly recommend #3! The content below will help you learn how to use classes and Google Classroom integration.

EDpuzzle: Google Classroom Awesome Integration
EDpuzzle - How to use classes (class code & students create accounts)
Analytics - EDpuzzle


  • Use EdPuzzle with your students! The best way to learn is to dive in!
  • A great way to start is by using a lesson already created in the EdPuzzle collection.
  • Next, create a lesson of your own from any video! Make sure it includes at least one audio note or question.
  • Use the lesson with your students!

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