Are You Stronger Than a Spartan?

Join the Roman Army!

Top Ten Reasons to be a Roman Soldier:

10. Get ripped with lots of running and training!
9. You will get paid very well!
8. Man your own ballistic and onager!
7. When you win your battles, march proudly through the Roman forum and show off your booty and captured prisoners!
6. You will get to try new foods while you are conquering the world!
5. Get your own personal road to travel on!
4. When you are hangin' in the forts, you get to take relaxing baths!
3. Don't worry, if you get wounded on the battlefield, expert Roman medics will take excellent care of you!
2. And even if you aren't, after 25 years serving in the army, you get your own land to raise a farm!

1. If you die, have no fear, you get a tombstone with you name on it!

Created By : Matthew Barker