Communication Techniques

Unit 208


10% of conflict is due to difference in opinions and 90% is due to the wrong tone of voice.

You have to make sure that when you are speaking to people you speak to them how you would like to be spoken to yourself, do not speak to someone in a bad manner if you would not like to be spoken to the same way. Before you say anything you need to think about what you are saying befored you actually say it. Sometimes you may say something without thinking about it beforehand and offend someone. Speakl to people in a normal tone of voice, not to quiet but not to loud either.


Be aware at all times of the passengers emotions and feelings. If a passenger approaches you in a bad manner and talks to you in a wrong tone of voice like raising their voice for example, put yourself into their shoes and think about their feelings while they are explaining the problem to you. Be polite and powerful with your words at all times even if the passenger does not show repect towards you it will make you look more professional. Be aware of what you can do to help them out.

Be aware of the words you choose

When speaking to passengers you have to make sure you are speaking to them in a professional manner. This includes not talking with any slang, not using jarganand dont use too many complicated words which passengers will struggle to understand. Always stay professional.

Body language

Poor presentation can affect your speech. If you are laid back such as slouching you may find yourself putting your hand over your mouth, this can affect your speech and may show that you have a lack of interest or you are not bothered in the work you are doing. Show your emotions non verbally, if you are having a bad day do not take your mood out on the passengers. Always stay professional and put a smile on your face, leave your problems behind, always have eye contact with the passengers if otherwise you could look to them as if you are dis-interested. Always show interest and always be able to help when needed.


Always understand the passengers point of view, understand how they are feeling. If they are speaking to you in a bad manner because of bad experience at the terminal for various different reasons, make sure you do not speak to them in the same way. Stay professional and show empathy.


Make sure you are getting your message right and you are straight talking to the point, if otherwise the passenger you're speaking to may get confused on what you are saying if you are giving in too much information. Show that you are in charge of a situation and you know what you are doing. Get your message across in a clear way, the passenger will be able to trust you more.

Remaining Calm

When in a bad situation, dont panic, stay calm at all times. This will show you are in charge and you know what you are doing to get everything under control. Do not lose control and dont lose your temper. You have to remain patient at all times also, this can show that you are trustworthy. Reputation, patience and trust is very important in a customer. If you come across as untrustworthy and uncalm less passengers will come for your assistance of help.