World Heritage

Foreign Exchange Student Program

Looking for local volunteer host families to host exchange students in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana

World Heritage is dedicated to fostering cultural enrichment and intercultural understanding through its youth exchange programs. Qualified high school-aged students from Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and the Middle East are dreaming of coming to the USA to live with an American Host Family while attending the local high school. Host Families provide the place for the students to stay, meals, and most importantly treat their World Heritage son/daughter like a family member. The students have their own spending money, are covered by insurance and a trained Local World Heritage Area Representatives are available for support throughout the program. It is truly a mutually rewarding experience for both students and Host Families!

World Heritage believes that it is through cultural exchange that a greater international understanding is achieved among people and countries. With home stay programs, where students have the chance to participate in family, school and community life, there is the greater opportunity to experience fully the cultures of another country.


World Heritage Student Exchange Program