Badger Bulletin

Volume 2, Issue 19

Badger Family,

I believe I have started each bulletin with how I can't believe how quickly this year is flying by. This bulletin will be no different - I can't believe that January is almost over. I want to thank you all for your commitment to our kids. Thank you for having servant hearts that go above and beyond to meet the needs of our precious children that we are trusted with daily. Please do not forget that, “Somebody needs YOU! On your worst day on the job, you are still some child’s best hope!” ~Larry Bell I hope you have a wonderful weekend and are able to enjoy the nice weather that is being predicted.

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Our Week At A Glance

Monday (2/1)
  • Advisory - Grade Check, Binder Check, WOW
  • 8th Grade Spinal Checks- Media Mania & Health Classes
  • Happy Birthday, Michael Payne!
  • Boys Basketball vs. Azle Forte / @ EWMS / 5:30, 6:30
  • Girls Basketball vs. Azle Forte / @ Azle Forte / 5:30, 6:30
  • Basketball Spirit Theme / Black Out the Hornets / Wear Black
Tuesday (2/2)
  • Advisory - Club
  • Academic Team Meet 6th, 7th & 8th- vs. HMS / @ EWMS / 4:30
  • Elisha / District Meeting / All Day
Wednesday (2/3)
  • 7th Grade Writing and 8th Grade Math Benchmark - follow testing bell schedule
Thursday (2/4)
  • Advisory - Lions Quest
  • 8th Grade Reading Benchmark - follow testing bell schedule
  • NJHS Meeting / 246 / 7:45 or 3:45
  • Happy Birthday, Paul Mayhan!
Friday (2/5)
  • Advisory - Planner Check & WOW
  • Special Speaker - Schedule will be shared from Mr. Knowles
  • "Something Nice" form due to Ashley
  • Elisha / District Meeting
  • Happy Birthday, Jennifer Mobley!

Badger Business

  • We will benchmark all STAAR tested subjects and grades prior to the actual STAAR. Week of March 7 - 11th: 6th Reading and Math / 7th Reading and Math Week of April 4 - April 8th: 8th Science, 8th Social Studies, & Algebra
  • TELPAS testing will take place Tuesday, March 8th.
  • Leanne Jackson would like you to follow her blog as she begins her journey in Japan. It is
  • We have sold out of our Bluetooth speakers in the Badger Store and we are purchasing some more. Please continue to use the badger bucks as an incentive. Thank you!
  • We hope you enjoyed your gift of time on Wednesday. For those of you who attended the celebration, thank you! We were able to celebrate our students for academic achievements as well as our spring sports. We rewarded 3 students who earned perfect attendance for the 1st semester with an XBox 360 Kinect, Wii with Wii sports edition, and a 15" smart TV. Thank you again Holly, for those donations! It was awesome!
  • We have decided to move our instructional rounds from 2/10 to 2/22 due to the week of 2/8 being such a busy week for our teachers attending a variety of off-campus meetings. Please mark your calendar for 2/22 to join us in the volunteer instructional round process during your conference.

Important Upcoming Dates

  • 2/9 - TELPAS training (see flyer from Ms. Warden)
  • 2/10 - Science Department GVC's with J. Garcia / AM
  • 2/15 - CTHS Ranger Showcase / 6:30 - 8:00 (for current 8th grade students)
  • 2/15 - TELPAS Calibration (see flyer from Ms. Warden)
  • 2/22 - Instructional Rounds- Great volunteer learning opportunity
  • 2/22 - One Act Play Performance for Staff / Cafeteria / 4:30
  • 2/23 - One Act Play Public Performance / Cafeteria / 6:30
  • 2/26 - Early Release @ 12:30 / Campus Professional Development in Library
  • 2/27 - UIL Competition / Creekview / 8:00 am
  • 3/7 - Open House/Showcase 6:00 - 7:30 & Counselors Parent Mtg. 7:30 - 8:00

Check out this dedication on both parts!

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Shout Outs!

  • Garrett Smith - Thank you for being generous and always willing to help your fellow co-workers!
  • David Johnson - Thank you for offering to help when you see administrators that may need assistance!
  • Nicole Stevens & David Kaiser - Thank you for attending the CTE Showcase and showing off both of your great programs!
  • Katie Munk - Thank you for your persistence and for providing an opportunity for our EMS students and parents to explore more with our career cruising program at the CTE Showcase!
  • Heather Crawford - Thank you for serving as the administrator on duty!
  • Emily Staples & Susan Naizer - Thank you for always taking care of your 6th grade team members!
  • Veronica Mellado & Nicole Stevens - Thank you for your leadership with our Academic Team!
  • Stephen Corkill, Priscilla Green, and Sam Bailey - Thank you for attending basketball games and supporting our kids this week!
  • Kyle Wheatley, Paul Mayhan, Cara Shaffer, Karrie Boyd, Ashley Velasco, Corrina Peters, Susan Naizer - Thank you for making the Academic Team matches a success while hosting our visiting teams! Thank you for accommodating us and our changing schedules!
  • Cheryl Bonnick - Thank you for accommodating your students when you have a process that isn't working!
  • Karen Walters - Thank you for helping the front office when we are short!
  • Amy Huddleston - Thank you for sharing out great and positive information on social media for our students and parents!
  • Ashley Velasco - Thank you for providing sweet treats for our newest Badgers!
  • BJ Kiser - Thank you for covering a class for a teacher in need!
  • Sam Bailey - Thank you for your smile and the work you do with and for our cheerleaders!
  • Danny Knowles - Thank you for your hard work with our spring pep rally and academic celebration!
  • Jen Mobley - Thank you for taking care of Mrs. McDonald at very short notice!
  • Jennifer Smith - Thank you for leading the math PLC for Holly!
  • Cara Shaffer & Karri Boyd - Thank you for having the band perform at our spring pep rally!
  • Corrina Peters & Kayla Bradford- Thank you for making sure everything was perfectly set up and ready for our STAAR training!
  • Ashley Velasco - Thank you for constantly making sure our concession stand is ready to go for all of our games!
  • Holly Willis & Alicia Leone - Thank you for taking care of our kids regarding our upcoming UIL competition!
  • Amy Huddleston - Thank you for your willingness to attend Camp Goddard with our 6th grade students!
  • Christie Warden - Thank you for your hard work and organization with STAAR and TELPAS testing!
  • Katie Munk & Amy Huddleston - Thank you for helping pass out papers and clean up the library after our morning STAAR training!
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To enter attendance for every class period. Make sure you enter your 2nd period attendance between 9:45 - 10:05. Thank you!