Andrew Jackson


Trail of Tears

Andrew Jackson wanted to obtain the land the Native Americans were living on. So after disobeying Congress Jackson removed the Natives from their land and marched them towards Oklahoma. It was a harsh winter and more than 4,000 Native Americans died on the way there. Although some Natives made it there, it was a huge loss on them.

Nullification Crisis

In 1828 and 1832 Congress passed two tariffs. The south didn't like the tariffs, because they had to pay more goods since all they profit from is agriculture. While the north benefited from the tariffs, because more Americans would buy their industry made goods. When South Carolina refused to pay those taxes Andrew J. forced them to with the force bill.

Killing the National Bank

Andrew Jackson didn't like the National Bank, he thought only the rick would benefit from it. So when his second term came around he had a plan in store. When congress passed a bill to renew the charter for the National Bank, Jackson used his presidential powers to veto the bill. Therefore he shutdown the National Bank.

Political Cartoon

The political cartoon to the right is a representation of Andrew Jackson killing the "many headed monster", which depicts the national bank. During Jackson's 2nd term, he vetoed the new charter for the national bank. Which then decommissioned the bank.

Cherokee Native American

I cant believe people actually voted for this guy! Have you guys even heard of the "Trail of Tears". He marched my people with no warnings into their death. How is he still president if he has broken so many rules. He's gone against Congress and the Supreme Court, don't you think he should've been impeached by now.

Northerner Factory Owner

Thank God Andrew Jackson was elected, if it weren't for him I wouldn't be making so much money. And even when South Carolina threatened to secede, he wouldn't even let them. He even said he'd hang his general. This guy sure is crazy, but thanks to the compromise i'm still making so much money!!!