We Are All the same Inside

Physical Disability (No Limbs) Zack Rouse

5 Facts About Physical Disability

  • Approximately 54 million people have a disability.
  • 21.2 million people reported having a disability cannot participate in physical activities such as walking.
  • 6.8 million people say that a physical, mental, or emotional disability make it hard for to dress, bathe, or get around the house.
  • 18.2 million say that their disability makes it to where they can't go around their house.
  • West Virginia has the most people reported with diseases with 24.4%.
  • http://www.disabilityfunders.org/disability-stats-and-facts

3 Things About How to Deal with it...

  • Therapy
  • If you accept it and make adjustments you will have a easier time coping
  • Set realistic goals, and approach it as a challenge.