Jane Addams

Action, indeed, is the sole medium of expression for ethics.

Early life

Jane Addams was born as Laura Addams into a rich family. She was one of nine children, five of which died. Her mother died when she was three. Jane Addams was very sick as a child, with many different illnesses. She went to medical college and inherited a large amount of money when her father died.

Jane Addams- a progressive

Jane Addams was a progressive because she helped pass many laws, including: Child labor laws, Compulsory education laws, and many laws helping to protect women and children. She opened Hull House, a settlement house in Chicago. She helped open the first Juvenile hall in America, and was a big supporter of women's suffrage.


Hull house was a 13 building settlement house that served over 2000 people per day.


She opened Hull house, a 13 building settlement house that served over 200 people per day. She also helped to pass many laws and helped women's suffrage.

WHy i researched her

I researched Jane Addams because I think that she is very kind to spend all of her inheritance to help other people. I also think that she accomplished a lot.