Station Accounting Software

Station Accounting Software

Station Accounting Software

C-Store Office® back office software delivers big-time results at a price any business can afford.

The C-Store Office back office software system is the powerful, cost-effective solution from Petrosoft that can deliver the power of c-store automation and level the playing field for your business. C-Store Office integrates all your suppliers and business tools to give you a fast, automatic way to do business more efficiently than ever.

With C-Store Office you can:

  • Optimize store inventory with powerful store inventoy software
  • Increase GPM and bring thousands of extra dollars to your bottom line
  • Decrease inventory shrinkage and other operating losses like cash shortages, lottery inventory losses etc.
  • Optimize gasoline inventory and deliveries
  • Boost employee productivity and reduce payroll at the store level and at headquarters, too.
  • Use C-Store Office business automation tools to improve and speed up accounting
  • Greatly reduce IT expenses through our complete, web-based service

You get all these benefits and more in a system designed to fit the needs of any business–large or small–with a rationally priced offering that lets you get started with no risk. Internet based C-Store Office eliminates the expenses associated with more traditional back office systems so you get more bang for your buck.

  • Low monthly subscription fee
  • No set-up fees or software licenses
  • No hardware to purchase, or tech consultants to hire
  • Month-to-month terms from day one–no long-term commitment

Make the wise investment in the future of your business. Contact us for more information on how you can start using C-Store Office in just days. Put the big business power of C-Store Office to work for you, at a price any business can afford.

Click here for more information on C-Store Office from Petrosoft.

Accounting Software

C-Store Office back office accounting software tools update all your financial information every time daily reports are accepted, so that your P&L, inventory, payables, receivables and money totals are always up to date and accurate.

The Accounting module in the C-Store Office reports suite offers over twenty different reports covering P&L, cash reconciliation, consolidated income, expenses and even a tool to help estimate state and local taxes. These reports are always refreshed when shift reports are approved, so that you are able to make business decisions based on current, reliable data.

The Accounting software section of the site allows you to set up a general ledger and enter and track payables and receivables through an easy-to-use interface. C-Store Office is compatible with a number of accounting programs, including Microsoft Dynamics®, Excel®, Access®, Peachtree®, Quicken® and other popular accounting programs.

QuickBooks® integration

A good example of our accounting interface capabilities is our interface to QuickBooks, the most popular accounting program on the market today.

Save time and eliminate errors

• C-Store Office uses QuickBooks Connector®, an electronic interface created by Intuit to electronically transfer data into QuickBooks directly, with no need for manual entries.
• We will set-up your C-Store Office account so that you can transfer data into QuickBooks in minutes, instead of hours or days of manual entry.
• Electronic transfer means the data goes in automatically, drastically reducing the chance of human error.
• You will get complete, accurate statements faster. Weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual statements can be produced quickly, with little or no manual adjustments needed.
• Come tax time, you will be able to give your accountant accurate data, already formatted in QuickBooks, to reduce the time it takes to get tax requirements handled properly.

C-Store Office integrates to add value for your business

Whether it is establishing EDI connections with your key vendors, integrating information from your various in-store systems, or streamlining your accounting processes, C-Store Office communicates with your business partners to make your entire operation run more smoothly and efficiently. Contact us to find out how we can make your financial processes more accurate and more efficient with QuickBooks integration.

C-Store Office Back Office Accounting Software Has Many Benefits for Your Business

C-Store Office Accounting Software has the financial management tools that will update your financial information every time daily shift reports are approved.

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