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On the fifteenth day of the seventh month, there will be a stoning in our village. The courts have been informed of a medium present in our town.

Neighbours have been hearing suspicious sounds coming from Old Lady Jane’s house and have found them to be disturbing. “In the middle of every night, when the town is fast asleep, I hear sounds of chanting coming from Old Lady Jane’s house; it is very unsettling.” A close neighbor of Jane said when asked his opinion of her.

Talk through the town spread quickly and soon it was everyone’s suspicion that she had some belonging to spiritualistic groups. It was not long until the courts got word of this and sent officials to monitor and check the situation out immediately. After witnessing the commencement of a ritual one night, officials made the decision to present her to the courts.

Old Lady Jane was arrested on the tenth of this month. After the trial the Judge made the decision to convict Jane of being a Medium. The Judge from the case states, “Miss Jane has possessed the characteristics associated with spiritualistic acts and has been conducting rituals every odd night. It shows that she is indeed a medium.”

Under the laws set out by our Lord, someone found to be a medium or spiritualist shall be stoned to death (Levictus 20:27).

Tomorrow at noon sharp, Old Lady Jane will be stoned for violating the laws passed on by Moses himself.

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The crystal ball found in Old Lady Jane's house.


It was on the fourteenth of the sixth month that history occurred. On this day, the courts determined that the witness from last month’s kidnapping case made false statements and retribution is due.

Last month, Michael was convicted of kidnapping young Jessy in one of the worst cases our town has ever seen ending with the death of Jessy. The trial was long and drawn out as the Judge was not getting enough evidence to convict John of the crime. It was not until twenty days into the trial that Benjamin came forward as witness. It was with his statements against Michael that convinced the Judge to rule Michael as guilty resulting in his punishment of death (Exodus 21:26).

The verdict was long awaited in the town and brought peace and comfort to the townspeople, especially Jessy’s family.

It has been a month now and Benjamin has gone before the Judge to say that he spoke lies in court. With the new information, the Judge had to convict Benjamin of the crime that fit. The false witness must be done to him what he intended to do to the other (Deuteronomy 19:19).

On the fifteenth of this month, Benjamin will be put to death for false accusations.

After asking Benjamin why he would do such a thing he replied with, “I had to pin the crime on someone to protect my family.”

It is not clear what he means by this but the the Judge has suspicions that young Jessy’s murderer was closely related to Benjamin; explaining why he would want to falsely accuse Michael. As the investigation continues, a new trial is bound to take place so Jessy can get her justice.

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One of the Ten Commandments have been broken.


On the eighteenth of the tenth month, the son of Ethan has been convicted of striking his father and will be sentenced to death.

This civil case took place on the sixteenth and went through a quick trial. The son of Ethan, Liam, will be sentenced to death at the young age of 14. It was during a small dispute between the father and son that Liam made the rash decision to lash his father.

The dispute was over Liam not being able to complete his daily chores in time and not obeying his father’s order. The two got into an argument and Liam hit his father leaving a mark. The argument occurred on the streets of our village allowing for plenty of witnesses.

There was a rush of reports to the court which led to the trial. It was through the trial, which lasted a short couple of days, that the Judge made the decision to sentence the son to death. As stated by Moses, he who strikes his father should be put to death (Exodus 21:15).

Liam’s mother and father are both sad about the outcome, “Though he committed such an awful act, he is still our son and we will miss him.” At the same time they understand the law set in place by our Lord and has come to terms with the outcome.

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Liam's parents have found this to be a difficult time.


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Prophet Mason a once trustworthy person has been conveying lies.

On the fourteenth of the fourth month one of the most important laws were violated. Mason, a well known prophet in our village has been tried and found guilty of misleading people.

Mason has always had the reputation of being a good prophet who will always guide our townspeople in the right path. Recently, there was a turn of events and it is now clear that he is not to be trusted. People who are regular visitors to Prophet Mason had been getting some conflicting advice from him. Him holding the title as a Prophet indicates that he should always guide people on the path to follow the beliefs set out by Moses.

“My most recent visits with him have led me to believe that he himself does not fully follow the teachings of Moses and is not passing them down to me.” Lucy a frequent guest of Mason said when asked what she thought of the case.

After multiple townspeople came forward as thinking that Mason was giving false information, the court decided to take it to trial. With enough witnesses and evidence it was clear that Mason was inciting rebellion on the Lord. The case went through court in the matter of a week and the inevitable outcome of Mason being put to death was decided (Dueteronomy 18:20).

The execution will take place tomorrow, as we rid the town of evil.


On the seventh day of the second month, blazing fires swept across Liam’s crops at the hands of Owen.

At noon, the fire started on their damaging path from the east. The fire that happened in the blink of an eye was too quick for the efforts of the townspeople who were only able to put the fire out after majority of Liam’s grain crops were burned.

Located on the eastern side are Owen’s grain crops. It is common knowledge that the two farmers are in constant competition for the sales of grain bushels to the town. After the dust from the fire settled townspeople went over to Owen to since they noticed the fire started from his direction. After some questions it was clear that Owen was the arsonist.

The crime was reported to the court that sent out officials to Owen’s farm where they too were easily able to come to the conclusion that Liam’s farm was purposefully set on fire by Owen.

“We went over there to question Owen, after seeing the matches and his body language it was enough to take him to trial.” An investigator of the case stated after taking Owen into trial.

The trial took several days and by the end of it, the Judge was more than convinced that Owen is indeed guilty. The punishment for such a crime is restitution based, the Judge has ordered Owen to pass on the bushels of grain that he farms to Liam who will sell it and keep the money made (Exodus 22:6)

The punishment will continue until Liam’s crops are grown back to state where he can start farming it again.

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Liam's crops after the fire burned to ashed.