70's fashion

Anything Goes

Paisley print was very popular amungst hippies in the 1970's, however, the captivating print appears to have made it's way back to the top when it comes to the latest fashion trends.

The twirly tear drop has attracted designers everywhere around the world, the only question is, how will you wear it?

Paisley print origins from the seventies carefree and relaxed boho-chic style. Boho style included everything flowy, billowy, lightweight and maxi. This style experimented with classy prints and patterns, florals, paisley and tie-dye.

Now and Then

Roy Halston Frowick

Halston was an iconic clothing designer of the 1970s. His sexy but elegant dresses became very popular in American discos. In 1972, he announced a shirtwaist dress made from “Ultra suede,” a fabric that was washable, durable, and beautiful. Later on, he presented his most iconic design, the halter dress. This look gave women a slim, lengthy figure.