California Weekly By Juwon L.

Jenna Fox Eddition


The FSEB changed its laws of being a human. This rule has been changed to that you must be at least 80% real. You cannot be 21% or more artificial . An anonymous worker at the FSEB says that,"We have now changed the rule because there are too many "people" that are artificial. The world population is too high. We needed to change it for the fate of the world."

Jenna Fox a 277 year old woman says that," People should be able to live out their whole life. I know I have." She is made up of 90% bio gel. Other people are agreeing with her statement, but if the FSEB is correct, then she should not be coincided a human.

Juile Hart, professor at Harvard University states that," What defines a human is how they are different from other animals. We humans have a way of communication, a way of innovating, and learning. Other animals can do this, but the human is a special thing. I think that the rules set by the FSEB is just gibberish,"

Of course the FSEB has a lot of power over us, but they will should not be able to make laws of who we are, and what we are classified as. Are we aliens, animals, or just a piece of nothing? See, FSEB cannot control that part. They can go to people and say, "Your not human," but what help does that do. So I'm no longer a human, so what now? California Weekly asked the FSEB this question.

"When you're no longer classified as a human, the government will no longer help you. You cannot get a job, get money, or get any hospitality from regular hospitals."

We then wen to talk to the president. He said that he had not power to stop the rule or veto it.

The FSEB said that,"Who ever believes that they are human and aren't, you will be sent of to a remote area for only animals.

So far 1,000,000 people have been unclassified, and 500 of them went missing with animals

I you disagree with this rule please sign this petition at If we get 1,000,000 signs the FSEB will have to stop this rule, and there can be peace back to america.


Jenna Angeline Fox was in a terrible accident 260 years ago. Her father was the creator of Fox bio gel. She is currently 90% bio gel. She is here with us today.

CW: What was the accident?

Jenna: It was a car crash. I remember I was going to a party, but my friend, Kara, was driving. She couldn't turn fast enough, and we crashed. Kara and Locke, my other friend, passed away, but my parents saved me. after all the life support, I lost all of my memories.

CW: How did you regain your memory?

Jenna: My parents made me watch DVDs(discs that you store photos or videos on) of my past. Also I had a feeling that Kara and Locke were haunting me. One night I regained all of my memories.

CW:How did you first find out about it?

Jenna: I first learned about the accident when my good friend Mr. Bender told me about the past life of me. I was shocked that I was supposed to die, and not be here right now.

CW: Why did your parents never tell you about the incident?

Jenna: My parents never told me because they didn't want me to learn about it. They also didn't want me to find out about the backups of Kara and Locke. They didn't want me to learn about it that way.

CW:How did you first react to the accident?

Jenna: I first got mad at my parents for not telling me about what happened before. I started to rebel, and I had no way of expressing my self. My mother sent me to school, where I made new friends who helped me. Go through this.

CW: What were your first initial thoughts when you first woke up?

Jenna: When I first woke up, I couldn't talk or anything. The next day I could. Another I couldn't get up. The next day I could. I thought I was not perfect anymore. I didn't remember anything.

CW: Who helped you the most during your identity crisis?

Jenna: I think that my friends Allys and Ethan helped me the most. They were great friends that helped me become who I was. My family didn't help me. Lilly was the worst. She never loved me, but my friends were always there. Ally is also bio gel and is currently living with me, and I had 70 great years of marriage with Ethan.

CW: How did this affect your life?

Jenna: Well you know there are good things and bad things. Good things are living forever, making new friends, and going on an adventure. Bad things are, how my family reacted, loosing my past, and loosing Kara and Locke.

CW: How does it feel living forever?

Jenna: I feels weird. I am a 277 year old woman living in a 17 year old body. People stare at me a lot.

CW: If you could relive any part of that part of your life, what would be that part?

Jenna: It would be when I trow away the backups. I finally felt like a real human. My family finally accepted me as a human.


Obituary: Locke Jenkins

Locke Jenkins lived in Boston, Massachusetts. He was 16 years old when he was in a tragic accident. His friends were also in the car with him. He never regained consciousness. Jenna Fox, his old friend, said, "He was a rule follower. I was smart, but never as smart as Locke. I hope I could see him again." He died at night with no witnesses seeing the accident.