Land of Many Waters


Georgetown is the capital and has 133,000 people in the city. There are also many other major cities like Bardic, Lethe, and Linden.

History of Guyana

Strikes and rioting weakened British rule much of it believed to be the result of covert CIA operations. In 1964, the rebellious Guyanese succeeded in dethroning the prime minister, after the country gained full independence on May 26, 1966. With independence, the country returned to its traditional name, Guyana.

Geography of Guyana

Guyana is located on the northern half of South America. The country has a diverse vegetation that consists of rainforest, grasslands, and cultivated land.

Guyana Government

The Guyanese government type is a Presidential Representative Democratic Republic which is ruled by the President. He has ruled since 2015 and his name is David Arthur Grange.

Currency of Guyana

Guyana's currency is the dollar It is much less than our dollar and looks very different. They also have a Capitalist Economic System.

Come to Guyana

Eighty percent of this vast and largely uninhabited wilderness is blanketed in thick virgin Amazon rainforest – home to hundreds of species of bird and mammals. Our rainforest lodges offer the opportunity to relax in comfort while savoring the delights of the natural environment right on your doorstep. In the south of the country the forest opens to rolling savannah with a completely different natural environment, season and personality. With it's this and all the sights your trip is sure to be a delight.


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