Along for the Ride

Sarah Dessen


Along for the Ride is about Auden, a teen girl whose parents are divorced. For the summer before she goes away to college, she visits her dad who lives in the beach town of Colby. A job at her step-moms clothing boutique brings her to a girl word: Their talk, there friendship, and their crushes. She missed out on all of that beacuse she was to busy with her demanding mom. She meets some people along the way and makes friends.


In the book Along for the Ride, Auden lives with her mom. For the summer she goes to vist her dad, step-mom, and baby sister in the small town of Colby. It is a small town with lots of shops on the boardwalk. As she wakes up she sees a blue ocean outside her window.

Will Auden have an exciting summer in Colby? Read ALONG FOR THE RIDE to find out!

Robert Downey Jr As Robert West

Robert west is Audens dad he divorced her mother and re-married to Heidi and had a baby named Thisbe. He is so into his work, writing books, he never has time for anything or anybody. Being the selfish man he is Robert never helps with the baby, Heidi is up all day and night.

A #1 New York Times Bestseller

“As with all Dessen’s books, her latest is a must-have.”

- VOYA, starred review

About the Author

Sarah Dessen, the author of Along for the Ride is one of the most popular writers for young adults. She is a graduate of the University of North Carolina. Sarah has a husband and one daughter. She was born june sixth 1970 in Evanston IL. she has written ten books, Just Listen is one of her best selling books.

Final Refection

Describe three things you learned from reading this book.

I learned that people can change, but it just takes a while. Another thing i learned was that you should always try to take risks in you life because it can lead you to good and new things. Lastly, i learned that everyone has there own interests and you should not judge them on the things they like to do.

What was the best part of this novel? focus on a particular chapter, scene, or interaction between characters. Explain completely.

The best part of this novel was when Auden first went to the town of Colby to visit her dad, step-mom, and her baby sister for the summer. She did not know how people acted around the town. When Auden first got to the town her dad did not even pay any attention to her, and her step-mom was busy with the baby all day and night. Auden was shocked about how her dad did not help his wife or pay attention to anyone.

Savannah H