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Wow, what a busy time of year. The kids have been so hard at work with publishing their fairytales for our Storybook Ball. We finally got them done and the kids were so super excited to see the final product. They wrote some awesome stories and we can't wait to share these with you next Friday. Our Ball will begin at 9:30. This is our end of year "parent event" and usually last about 2 hours. Please try to come if you can or have someone from you family attend. I really would like for every child to have someone there to hear their story and support them. Also, don't forget to send in $5 to cover the cost of materials and food. I can't wait to see y'all there.

Assessments began this week for reading. I have completed all the Dibels. Next week, Mrs. Brown will begin pulling students for TRC (Reading Levels). I will share with you these results as soon as all assessments are complete. Homework will be a little less next week, but the kids do need to read every night and practice their Rainbow Words.... this is important! Also, remind them to reread the book and USE it during the assessment and to think about the questions that they are responding too. The kids have worked really hard on RAP this year and I know they will do great! We will begin end of year math assessments next week as well.

We began working on measurement this week in math/science. In first grade we primarily focus on non-standard units. The kids have enjoyed working through math stations to practice this skill. Ask them to share with you the difference between standard and non-standard units.

We were lucky this week to Skype with a Shark expert in Florida. We learned a lot about sharks, their habitat and the food chain. It connected nicely to our organism unit.

We still have lots of cool things planned over the course of the next three weeks. Doesn't it seem like yesterday you came to our Meet the Teacher.... time flies when you're having fun!

You guys have a terrific weekend and don't forget to check the Notes section for more important information.

Take Care,

Ms. Gower


  • Storybook Ball- Remember that your child needs to come to school on Friday dressed in his/her finest clothes. It's a formal event for them (you can come dressed up too). They are super excited to stand before you all and share their stories. Don't forget to send in $5 to help cover the cost of the food and decorations.

  • Being Mindful at the Ball- As mentioned before, families are invited to come to the Ball including older siblings; however, when it comes to the little ones, we ask that you either find a sitter or take them out of the classroom if they become fussy or disruptive. The kids have worked so hard on their stories and we don't want their moment to be interrupted. This has happened in the past and we are just asking that you please be mindful and help keep the kids time in the spotlight on them so that it can be memorable. Thank you for your help with this.

  • Meet the Teacher- You will be getting classroom assignments on Friday and Meet the Teacher will be the following week on the 22nd. Please do not open assignment letters at our Ball; instead wait till you get home.

  • Pizza Party- We will be having a Kickball tournament on the last day of school; I have challenged Mrs. Brown's class. Afterwards, we (my class) will be enjoying pizza for lunch so please do not pack your child's lunch that day. I am asking that you send $3 to help pay for the pizza. This is just an event for Mrs. Ratliff, the kids and I. It's a way for us to celebrate our year together, acknowledge our accomplishments and have some fun.

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