Indian Island

A beautiful place to be!

Based on the principles of surreal secluded nature

Without fail Indian Island repeatedly amazes everyone who sees. The secluded beauty is unlike any other you will ever see. Visited by the richest and famous, we never disappoint.

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How to get to your perfect vacation

When the day comes to travel to us you will travel to the coast of Devon and wait for the boat to come pick you up. The boat times are

Monday-Friday 11:00/11:45 12:00/ 12:45 1:00/1:45 3:00/3:45

Saturday-Sunday 12:00/12:45 3:00/3:45

*weather permitting

The boat takes 45 minutes to leave port, drop off, and return. It has 15 minute boarding times and a $10 fee per person

Once dropped off you will be escorted to the group home where Mr. and Mrs. Rodgers who are top notch cook and waiter. You will be showed your room and the rest is up to you!

Panoramas from Alaskan Trip


Vera C- "There is nothing more to say then coming to Indian Island changed my life forever. There was adventures, mysteries, and undeniable secludedness. It was so amazing its one of those things you could do only once because you don't want to ruin the image you have created in your head afterwards"

"We came up over a steep hill and down a zig-zag track to Stickehaven- a mere cluster of cottages with a fishing boat or two drawn up on the beach. Illuminated by the setting sun, we had our first glimpse of Indian Island jutting up and out of the sea to the south"

Made by Danielle Boehler

December 2nd 2014

Period 6