Athens Everyday Life

The facts about how Athens works


Sparta was a very strong city-state with a great army. Their army consisted of men and their wives took up all the work at home. The fought many wars and were a force to be reckoned with. Their government, education, and society. Government had boys at age 7 go to war and fight to be soldiers so that they can fight and protect sparta. Education taught the young girls how to cook, clean, and sew. It also taught the little boys reading and writing. Society helped sparta also because men go to war and so do the little boys until they get to age 60. Good and Bad thing have come from this. Sparta was a very strong country because of their government, education, and society.

Athens' Society B3

The men were not largely benefited in the society because they had to leave their families and prepare for war. Also, all of the Sparta’s government was in one place. Sparta had their power in one place and if they attacked their government was strongly protected by their male armies. They were always ready for war and one some of the ones that they took part in. The men were only soldiers and, because they only had time for one job. Secondly, but all of Sparta's power for their government is in one place and shared with the people. Sparta wasn’t really a democracy. Sparta didn’t have the best government, but it worked for them