By: Ashley Sterchele

Perserverance means : When you are going through a hard time you can overcome it and move on.

KId President


Robby Novak is best known as “kid President” on YouTube.

He is an inspirational and smart kid.

He has a life-long chronic condition called osteogenesis. This disease makes his bones breaks easily. After he breaks a bone he needs surgery. Robby had more than 70 bone breaks. He had 14 surgeries. It affects people to get injured easily. For example, if he falls off a bike, he can break a bone. Then he needs surgery.

When he breaks a bone, it can be painful to him. Everyday he goes through pain and fear.

Despite these adversities, he remains positive.

He had to go through 14 surgeries. He has to go to the children's hospital every couple months. He has to get medicine infusion. The medicine is preventing the breakdown of the bone. This takes five hours to make his bones stronger.

“But I think the best movements are fueled by a joyful vision of what could be.” What can we learn from this quote is that if you do something it can be fun and joyful; But you have to vision it that way.

Losing to win

Problem/ Solution

The Carroll Academy is in Tennessee. The girls who go here get kick out of school or if there court attended. This town is very poor. The poverty line is 19.6%. The unemployment rate is 12.3%. The girls who go may here have mental illness, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, anger management, and their parents are in jail. The girls have a lot of adversities and hardships in their life . They have a basketball team here named Lady Jags. They won 6 games in 14 years. Their last game was in 2005. One time they lost to 94 to 2. Being on this team made life lessons for the girls. The basketball team gave the girls ideas to deal with there life. These girls are resilience. Being on this team gave a sense of family to them. Once the girls are all done with the school. They get to go back to there old school. The girls go on with their lives and try to be successful.

Jackie Robinson

Cause/ Effect

Jackie Robinson played on the Brooklyn Dodgers. He is a third base man. He broke the color barrier. This means that he was the first African-American player in baseball. He was a one of a kind. He faced racial discrimination. People were really combative. They were racist and mean towards him. The effected was that Robinson speak out against racial injustice after he retired from baseball. He tried to stop racial discrimination. He wanted African American people to play baseball. He became well know for this act.

Eleanor Rosenvelt

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