a little love for Jenn's first line

Charmed Ones First Line Update!

4th Quarter Incentive!!!

It came to my attention that many of you never got my email about the 4th quarter incentive! I'm so sorry!

Each month that you reach $99PV your name will go into a drawing and you'll receive another entry for every $250PV on top of that. You'll also be able to receive extra entries based on how your downline does as well! At the end of the year I'm going to draw a name and the winner will receive an Erin Condren Life Planner valued at $50+!!!!

Shipping Update

The Nest is quickly catching up to our 3-5 day time frame.

Orders placed through the 28th are being looked at on a case-by-case basis and being upgraded in shipping when found appropriate.

The 26th will finish shipping today and they'll start on the 27th!

DIW Update

As you know 500 emails went out yesterday. Based on some numbers floating through the groups it looks like only 38% of the list resigned, which means the list will move a lot faster!! Though we didn't have any sign this week I believe we will have quite a few next week.

Also, the nest is working on redoing the system so that ideally the wait listers will be able to login and see their place in line. The new numbers should be done soon so it won't be such a guessing game as to who is getting their emails.

Keep your DIWs excited!! Their time to fly is quickly approaching!

A Couple Quick Reminders

  • Tonight is the Holiday dinner in Greene - 6pm to 9pm Please come if you aren't busy!
  • Our next dinner is January 9th! Mark your calendars now!
  • Keep updated on Holiday shipping - be honest with your customers.
  • Remember that hoot loot purchases do NOT credit towards your volume. So make sure you get your $99PV in or whatever you need to earn off your team before you start using hoot loot :)
  • Our goal is $19,000GV this month - as of this morning we're just under $4k!
  • Nashville is January 25th-26th. Be sure to get registered ASAP if you're looking to go and get a hotel room as soon as you can! Please let me know if you plan on going. Lori and I will both be there! :)

Thank you for all you do!!! Keep spreading the O2 love!!!