Abby's How To Work Shop

Written by Abby Hallberg

Welcome to my blog

Hi! My name's Abby Hallberg and I'm the creator/editor/designer/publisher of this blog and I created this page because I wanted to share my vast middle school knowledge of fashion with you (the reader). I may not know much but I know that I love to help other learn so I thought this blog would be a great way to do that. I hope you guys enjoy!

Fashion History

In the 1980's it was common for women to wear leg warmers and sweatbands during a work out. They were often made out of a soft cloth like material. Fortunately as the years progressed legwarmers became more and more a thing of the 80's. Your parents may still have some lying around your house if you want to learn hands on.

Advertising and Marketing

This may sound like a very boring and complicated subject in fashion but you can become a pro in five easy steps:

  1. have a celebrity endorsement
  2. give a short description of the product
  3. show an image your product
  4. give a rating (Ex: 9 out of 10 dentists recommend Pronamel)
  5. list the price of product

Sketching and Design

For sketching and design it helps if you already have an outline of a person to draw your outfit on. Start off drawing plain simple clothes and as you progress do more entracit detailed outfits. And in no time you'll be your very own clothes designer. To learn more look at the boxes down below.