The One and Only Swish & Dry Wayer.

Dries your clothes as soon as it finishes washing them.Bibi

Have you ever had to leave home while you washer was running, knowing your clothes will stay damp until you get back?

The Swish and Dry Washer will take care of that problem!

There are so many awesome fetures in this wayer.

Come to our shop!

Store Hours:

  • Monday-Friday 8am-9pm
  • Saturday 9am-9pm
  • Sunday 9am-6pm

Wayer Event

Saturday, June 8th, 5-8pm

1785 Crest Drive, Dallas, TX

Come visit us for our first annual wayer event! We will have cheese and crackers along with drinks for the community, as you take a look at the different choices at the low price of $75.

Additional information.

We are always here for our customers day and night. If you ever experience issuess just give us a call and we will send a team out to check your wayer. Plus they are at the low price of $75! If you ever need to take them to a different location give us a call and we will move it for you. Buy now and we will supply you with a package including detergent,softner,and dryer sheets! Buy now and we will take off 10% of your total.