Tell Your Story...

Don't Let Anyone Else Hold The Pen!

Your School...Your Brand!

As educators we use our voices to tell our collective stories and "branding" the experiences unfolding in our schools is key. We have to make certain that the brand is TRANSPARENT to the members within our organization, and we must be ALL be telling the same story that we believe in and and can stand behind. We all have a story to tell and instead of allowing others to tell the story based on second hand information or misperceptions, we MUST devote time to this important aspect of our profession-by creating OUR BRAND...and telling OUR STORY!

Points to Ponder!

What is your story? What do you believe in? What do you stand for? What do you want for your students and staff?

  • If your STAFF was asked the questions above, would they answer them the same way that you did?

  • If your STUDENTS were asked the questions above, would they answer them the same way that you did?

  • If your PARENTS/COMMUNITY were asked the questions above, would they answer them the same way that you did?

Why is it IMPORTANT?

"People's perception becomes their reality and so we must shape the perception to create the reality we want people to have when they think of us!" -The Power of Branding

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Your Heart = Your Story

"We want to be part of a team that creates a school that ANY child, family, or staff member is proud to be part of and whose stories always place the PEOPLE at the center." -The Power of Branding
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Parents As Partners!

"When our parents enter our schools it is important to understand that they may not see our environment as welcoming if they did not have a positive experience when they were a student." -The Power of Branding

By including our parents in our journey, we can shift their perception of schools and a positive snowball effect can happen resulting in the growth of the number of advocates for your district and school.

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Social Media = The WINDOW To The World!

"Families in our schools want to connect, but they want to do it on their schedule that fits in their time tables. At the end of the day, it is not about the time of the connection, but whether or not the connection happens," -The Power of Branding
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HASHTAGS = A Voice For All Stakeholders!

"Creating capacity to build the brand of your school is truly vital to spreading the word about the great things kids are doing in the building and in the classrooms." -The Power of Branding
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Does Your "TALK" Match Your "WALK"?

"This journey should start within the walls of the school between the leadership and staff. Work should be devoted to discussing and reflecting on what the school believes in and stands for as it relates to the students, the instruction, and a basic philosophy." -The Power of Branding
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"As administrators, we often defer to outside voices to define our schools based on past history and negative experiences. The schools (admin and teachers) have the power and opportunity to shift the mind-set of those in the community. We have to SHOUT OUT and air the POSITIVE experiences and great accomplishments of our kids in our schools!" -The Power of Branding
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