the future


Google Glasses, the all new technology that will change your life! It has many features like: You can video chat, access Google, listen to music, take pictures, videos, if you are lost you can access maps! Are you sick and tired of Ipods and Iphones? They arent as simple to use and their voice control sucks, but our products' voice control understands all. This product is mainly for years 12 and up. You can call on the glasses in video chat, so it replaces 100 eds of dollars for a phone. I also think it's a good thing for teens cause they could listen to music without spending $100 or more on MP3.

usefull things

Its waterproof, It can be charged by solar energy, when the battery is full it can last more than 3 hours! It is flexible so it doesn't break! It is also voice controlled.WIFI all of the time.


$20 from every purchase goes to charity's like Sick Kids etc.

Give-away event

Monday, June 3rd 2013 at 11:30pm-1:30am

Credit Valley Rd

Mississauga, ON

The first 10 people who come get 1 Google Glass FREE! with purchase of other