By: LeiAnnah Minter and Tyler Bowman

What is Coal?

  • Coal is a Sedimentary rock that is made up of carbon and hydrocarbons
  • Coal is found in underground layers of rock that have been created by decomposing plants
  • It's made into a rock-like state due to heat and pressure that compresses it over a million years

Renewable or Nonrenewable

  • Coal is a nonrenewable resource
  • It can only be used once
  • A limited supply


How does Coal effect the environment?

  • Water that runs through underground mines to gather chemicals and debris
  • Acidic water then will run out into outside streams and fields
  • Pollutes water but could possibly lead to death of animals and deplete other outside resources used to live

Brief History

  • Coal was first found 3,000 years ago in China and was discovered much later in other countries, including the United States
  • United States started using Coal as an energy resource in the early 1300's

What are the Major uses of Coal?

  • It's used in steel work production
  • Used for electric power
  • Also used in transportation issues because it's easier

Why should we use Coal?

  • Coal is a clean burning fuel
  • It heats well and keeps a concise temperature
  • Coal is found in the United States, also easy to get