Freestyle Skiing

By: Sophie, Mckenzie, Elayna

Freestyle skiing notes

-Canada got four gold medals, four silver medals, and one bronze medal. Canada placed in first.

-The United States got three gold medals, two silver medals, and two bronze medals. The United states placed in second.

-Belarus got two gold medals, zero silver medals, and zero bronze medals. Belarus placed third

-France got one gold medal, two silver medals, and two bronze medals. France placed fourth.

-Australia got one silver medal, and one bronze medal. Australia placed fifth.

-China got one silver medals, and one bronze medal.

- Japan got one bronze medal and placed in sixth.

-Russia got one bronze medal. Russia placed seventh


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  • Head and chest should face the finish line at all times while their hips and legs turn
  • Skiers wear colored knee patches to help the judges score
  • Time, turns, style and air determine the winner

The setup of the course has some specific rules as well.

  • An Olympic moguls course is usually about 250 meters or almost the length of three football fields
  • Skiers are traveling 15 to 20 feet per second
  • The moguls course is separated by 2 jumps or kickers roughly 2-feet high
  • Competitors perform tricks to accumulate more points


1) Skis- um.. to waere

2) ski poles- to help maintain balance

3) ski wear- t the color of skiwaer is to show contrast so that they stand out to judges.

4) boots -to provide sufficient support to allow an athletes boots to with stand force of impact

5) helmet - made of stiff-plastic to protect athletes head

History of Freestyle Skiing

March, 19, 1905, began the development of Freestyle skiing, Norwegian gymnast Matthias Zdarsky, who not only founded the technique for downhill, but also developed a first ski binding for mountain skiing, First official Freestyle competitions were organized in 1971 and they consisted of three disciplines: ballet, moguls and aerials. In 1978 Freestyle became an official FIS discipline. Starting from 1980’s a group of enthusiasts started the development of the sport in Belarusin 1986 when the State sports committee issued a decree regarding the development of Freestyle.