Catherine Hampton

teacher, mother, wife and friend

Who am I?

Hello! Let me share a few things with you about myself. I live in Coos Bay, Oregon, which is the same town where I grew up. I have been married nearly half of my life to my sweetheart Brian. We'll celebrate our 22nd anniversary in June. We have two sons. John is a tall, handsome, serious 18-year-old sophomore at George Fox University where he is a mechanical engineering major. My 16-year-old son is Matthew, who is hilarious and takes nothing serious, is a junior at Marshfield High School, where he is involved in journalism, broadcasting, speech and debate and poetry slams. Speaking of Marshfield, that is where I attended high school and where I have been teaching English and journalism for the last 18 years. Yes, I taught both of my boys and all their friends. I loved it and would not have changed it for the world. It helped to create a special bond with my boys through those challenging teenage years. My husband and I both grew up in Coos Bay. We moved away to finish college and then came back. He started his business here while I substitute taught prior to teaching full time. He is a general contractor specializing in remodeling homes and businesses. We are lucky to live near both sets of our parents. In fact, we are currently living with my parents! We sold our home of 16 years much faster than we thought we would and since my husband is building our home and does not have it quite finished yet, we moved in with my mom and dad. It is so weird, but is actually going pretty well. We should be able to move in to our new home in March. I love to read, play volleyball, watch movies, watch sporting events at MHS and be with my family. This is my first class in several years and I am working to add an endorsement to my teaching license in library media in hopes of transitioning from an English teacher to a librarian in my professional life. I look forward to this class.

Need to contact me?

This is my school picture. I love getting my picture taken every year for the yearbook . . . said no one ever.