Gifted Gazette

Maplebrook Elementary ~ November 2020

Howdy Parents!

I have had the BEST time working with your kiddos. We have been working on our critical and creative thinking skills the past several weeks. The ideas that so many came up with for our animal adaptation project left me speechless and so proud!! The students also challenged themselves to build a bone bridge using very limited resources and have worked in teams to do a break out challenge. After lessons, they've used free time to collaborate, build, create...and smile! We've all have enjoyed each other's company, and that is so important right now. Enjoy some snapshots of some of the fun below.

Thank You,

Mrs. Cannon

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Renzulli Learning

Renzulli Learning brings enrichment and differentiation to your kiddo's fingertips! Check out this video for more information:

Introduction to Renzulli Learning

The kiddos in the next week or so will be taking the Profiler during our class time. After we finish the Profiler, I will be sending you a copy so you can see their strengths, interests and learning styles. This resources is an excellent tool for personalized learning and differentiation that students can use both here at school and home!

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Jessica Cannon

Extended Learning Teacher (ELT)
Maplebrook Elementary