Biomes and the Little Stuff


Create your own Smore page (like this one) that describes how a representative plant from the following biomes has evolved to survive in their environment:

1. Tundra

2. Temperate Deciduous Forest

3. Desert

4. Rainforest

5. Coniferous Forest

* Please make to describe how photosynthesis is affected by extreme conditions such as those in the Tundra, Desert and Rainforest.

Minimum Requirements

Your Smore page should have 6 sections including one section that lists the resources used for your research. The other five should each cover one of the five biomes listed and contain the following:

  • common and scientific name of the plant
  • general description of the biome including climate
  • a picture of the representative plant
  • information that describes how the plant is ideally suited for its biome

Your "Resources Used" section should contain no less than 2 sources per biome.


Below is a link that should be used to guide your efforts for the project:

Ewing 9th Pd