Biomes and the Little Stuff


Create your own Smore page (like this one) that describes how one representative plant species and one representative animal species from each of the following biomes has evolved to survive in their environment:

1. Tundra

2. Temperate Deciduous Forest

3. Desert

4. Rainforest

5. Coniferous Forest

* Please make to describe how photosynthesis and/or respiration may be affected by extreme conditions such as those in the Tundra, Desert and Rainforest.

Minimum Requirements

Your Smore page should have 6 sections including one section that lists the resources used for your research. The other five should each cover one of the five biomes listed and contain the following:

  • common and scientific name of the plant and animal
  • general description of the biome including several biotic and abiotic factors
  • a picture of the representative plant and animal
  • information that describes how each plant and animal is ideally suited for its biome
  • a diagram of a typical food chain for each biome

Your "Resources Used" section should contain no less than 2 sources per biome.


Below is a link that should be used to guide your efforts for the project: