Travel to Hawaiian Coral Reef!!

You won't regret it!!

Imagine Your Body Floating atop the Corals

This coral reef has wide variety of plant and animal life that will mystify your wildest fantasies. It will make you never want to go home. Never. You will be in awe of the beauty and the extravagance of the hotel, the surrounding environment, and the great and awesome coral reef.

How do you Arrive? and Packages

First you take a plane ride to Honolulu from Dallas for $707, or to Lanai for $953, depending on your airlines.

Package #1: fly to Honolulu and get a stay at a hotel for $2,000 for one week and the hotel will supply all the foods and other necessities. This is a...special arrangement we have with our guests and the hotel. It's for 2 weeks.-$2,707

Package #2: take Package #1 and a stay of 2 more weeks- $4,707

Package #3: you don't go to Hawaii and experience the life altering sea and the coral reef that will make you literally achieve nirvana. It will literally cause zen to barge in and corrupt your life and your thinking. It will change your mind and cause you to have a reoccurring dreams of the corals and the greatness they bring.

Menu of Options

Flight: $953 from Dallas to Honolulu

Pacific Islander Hotel: $2,000 per 2 weeks

Honolulu Main Hotel: $2,000 per 2 weeks

or just don't experience the world


Snorkling: 5 hrs. of snorkeling. it will cost $250 per person

Scuba Diving: must have license. all day. $350 per person

Coral reef boat tour: all day. $100 per person


we are not a legitamate company and any injury will not hold us reliable, by coming on the plane you will be acknowledging this and agreeing to it