Battle Of Verdun

Come visit the Longest battle in WW1!!!

Location: Western front town of verdun

Was on the west front persuade by German General Erich von Falkenhayn Believing the war could only be won by the western front so began the battle of Verdun.After a month of war the french had gotten reinforcements and general Philippe Petain. This battle is the longest single battle recorded in history of WWI. The German were forced to retreat after 10 months of war.

1,250,000 Germans began a march against the French's 1,140,000 men

337,231 thousand casualties on the french side. General was Philippe Petain.

337,000 were lost on the German. General was Erich von Falkenhayn.

Date: February 21 1916 - December 18 1917

The stories of the men who had fought in the battle of verdun
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Famous Quote by a french soilder

"When they came out of the battle, what a pitiful sight they were. Their expressions seemed frozen by a wisdom of terror; they sagged beneath the weight of horrifying memories."


The remarkable sites

- battle sites (where men fought): PC Driant, the Douaumont and Vaux Forts on the right bank; Hill 304 and Le Mort-Homme on the left bank, etc.
- cemetery sites (where men are buried): the National Necropolis and the Douaumont Ossuary, etc.
- remembrance sites (where homage is paid to the combattants): The Mémorial de Verdun, the Tranchée des Baïonnettes, the Monuments to Jews and Muslims who died for France, etc
- sites of life (where people lived): the destroyed villages.

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Nice places to visit near

-the american Cemetery

-fort douanumont

-fort de vaux

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