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Power Ranger Press

Students and families of ISOK - Thank you for choosing ISOK as your school of choice!

The 2021-2022 School Year is off and running! The first few weeks of school always begins with Strong Start procedures, including Live Orientation, Course Orientations, Star360 Math and Reading Assessments, and getting to know your school staff!

I hope you've also had the chance to attend some of the ISOK Support Team's Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and College/Career planning sessions. We are here to help you to be successful at ISOK and in life!

In September, the ISOK Student Support Team will be leading the We Are Connected Mindset, Student Sleep Health Week, National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month activities, and begin to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15 – Oct. 15).

Did you know we also have a Night School program? Students can receive instructional support from teachers from 6-8pm Monday-Thursday, allowing them to have personal and work schedules throughout the day! Reach out to your counselor and see below to learn more about Night School and all our other pathways! The Night School program will begin Monday.

Each week you'll find news, information, action items, and fun from the ISOK Student Support Team! Please read carefully and enjoy this issue of The Power Ranger Press! There's a lot going on! Please read the news and updates below!

Have a great week!

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ISOK Student Support Team

The ISOK Student Support Team (AKA Power Rangers), is the team that offers support programming alongside your academics. Let me introduce them to you!

Student Support Program Manager

Ginger Allison, giallison@insightok.org

Student Support Assistant Administrator

MaKinzie Spence, maspence@insightok.org

Community Familiy Advisors

Cristina Riggins, crriggins@insightok.org

Jamy Hamilton, jhamilton@insightok.org

Elizabeth "Bizzy" Swisher, elswisher@insightok.org

Lindsey Jackson, libaldwin@insightok.org

Dropout and Truancy Specialist

Tia Lincoln, tlincoln@insightok.org

Student Resource Coordinator

Brittany Eck, beck@insightok.org

Social Emotional Counselor

Krystle James, krjames@insightok.org

Career Counselors

Jason Deskin, jadeskin@insightok.org

Abi McCalister, amccalister@insightok.org

Academic Counselors

Kaitie Bevers, kbeveres@insightok.org

Lauren Bone, lbone@insightok.org

Kaitie Quinlan, kquinlan@insightok.org

Student Support Activities

Student Support Schedule on the ISOK Hub

Check here every week to learn about all the fun the Power Rangers are hosting for you!

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Community Resource

Click here to access the ISOK community resource site.

ISOK Truancy Explained – Click Here

Attendance laws have changed! Check out this resource to ensure you understand how you will be marked present at ISOK this year!

Oklahoma's Promise Information

Click here to learn about and see if you qualify for Oklahoma's Promise!

Want Information on our Various Pathways (Night School, Focus Phoenix, Traditional, CBE Boot Camp, etc.)?

Would you like to learn about our many different ways you can earn credits and graduate? Open the following attachment to learn about our Pathway Options at ISOK HS! Speak to your counselor if you'd like to take advantage of any of our unique options!

Are You Interested in Night School?

Did you know ISOK HS has a Night School program? Students in this program work on courses in Edmentum while attending live support sessions with teachers in the evenings. Does this interest you?

Please understand that the school is providing teachers to support you during the evenings, so it is important that you commit to attending and participating for the evenings on which you sign up. Please do not sign up if you do not intend to participate regularly.

Night School begins August 23rd.

Please reach out to your counselor if you are interested!

Interested in Joining Student Council?

Click Here to Learn about StuCo and Sign Up!

ISOK Student Resources Instructions

The Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of all programs and platforms ISOK students use!

The Hub

Click here to view ISOK's Website, where all information about the school and district can be found! Select Student Support and dig through our information!

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Did You Know?

Stride has a Spanish version of their website:


Stride has a Spanish version of the Parent Portal:


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Hola! Bienvenidos a nuestra escuela!

Mi nombre es Sonia Gaytan, Asesor Familiar Comunitario

Si necesitas ayuda en español puedo ayudarte.

Puede enviarme un correo electrónico a sogaytan@insightok.org (ISOK) o sogaytan@okvirtual.org (OVCA)

Puede enviarme un mensaje de texto a 405 345 6018

Puedes llamarme a 405 259 9478 ext. 3150