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DR MOYE MESSAGE 09-03-2021

Principal's Messge

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Monday, September 6th - Labor Day (No School)

Tuesday, September 7th - Gold Fight Win Shirts for sale at lunches ($10.00)

Tuesday, September 7th - 7th Grade Football v. Creekwood @ kingwood HS

  • 5:30 PM & 6:45 PM

Wednesday, September 8th - Gold Fight Win Shirts for sale at lunches ($10.00)

Wednesday, September 8th - 8th Grade Football v. Creekwood @ Kingwood HS

  • 5:30 PM & 6:45 PM

Wednesday, September 8th - Cross Country @ Humble MS

  • Participating Schools: Atascocita, Riverwood, & Woodcreek
  • Start Time - 5:15PM
  • Order of Races - 8th Grade Boys, 8th Grade Girls, 7th Grade Boys, & 7th Grade Girls

Thursday, September 9th - Volleyball v. Atascocita MS

  • 7th Grade @ AMS -- 5:30PM & 6:30PM
  • 8th Grade @ WMS -- 5:30PM & 6:30PM

SCHS Homecoming Spirit Week

  • Tuesday, September 7th - Teacher & student throwback "High School Edition". WMS staff represent their high school and wear their high school apparel and/or letterman's jacket – Students are encouraged to wear their parents’/guardians' letterman jackets or other apparel from their parents’/guardians' high school days.
  • Wednesday, September 8th - Throwback "College Edition". Staff and students wear your favorite college or university apparel.
  • Thursday, September 9th - Ohana Day - Dress in Hawaiian day
  • Friday, September 10th - Maroon Out & Mums and Garter Day - wear your SCHS clothing and your homecoming mums and garters (Homecoming Mums and Garters are VERY VERY welcome at school next Friday!)
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WMS Core Class Updates

Social Studies

  • 6th - This week sixth grade scholars completed Unit One of Physical Geography, and will begin exploring oceans, continents, landforms and The Five Themes of Geography.
  • 7th - Students finished Unit 1 with a test this week (on 9/3). The next unit will cover “Early Texans.” We will be learning about the first people to live in Texas--Native Americans. The main focus will be on how the four main tribal groups lived, and how they interacted with their environment.
  • 8th - This week, students concluded their first unit of the year covering European Exploration & Colonization. Next week, we will begin discussing the growth of self-government in the colonies as well as movements such as the Enlightenment and the Great Awakening. A reminder that our first Geography Test of the year will take place on Tuesday, Sept 14.


  • 6th - At the beginning of the week students will be taking the Renaissance Test. This test will help determine the skill levels for each student. Students will end the week with focusing on flashback and how it helps the development of a plot.

  • 7th - The students will begin their week by taking their Renaissance Test. This test will determine the skill level of each student. Next, students will review plot, character, and setting in preparation for their summative test on Thursday. We will end the week with a character analysis.

  • 8th - This week students will take their first Renaissance Test to help determine current skill levels for each student. This week students will take their first Renaissance Test to help determine current skill levels for each student.


  • 6th - 6th grade students will be taking an exam this Friday on Elements, Compounds and Mixtures. Next week we have a hands-on lab that will allow students to categorize elements as a metal, non-metal and a metalloid.

  • 7th - We are currently going over our Cells unit (Cell Theory and the structure and function of organelles inside plants and animals). Students were introduced to their first project “Cell City” and will have two days of class time to work on it, and then the rest will need to be completed at home. The project will be due September 13 and will be counted as a summative grade. Students will then have their Cells Test that Friday, September 17.

  • 8th- 8th grade is currently looking at human impact on the environment. They are going to be working on case studies of human impact on the environment and short and long term effects. They will have an Ecology Test on Friday.


  • 6th - Students just experienced their first middle school math test followed by their Renaissance Screener. Way to go 6th grade! Now they are ready to dive into Integer operations. Keep up the great effort!

  • 7th - PreAP is keeping up with 8th grade for equations and inequalities. On Level is pushing through Rational Number Operations in preparation for their first unit test on September 10th. Good Luck next week!

  • 8th - On Level is knee deep in equations while also learning to write equations- a skill critical to Algebra success. Algebra just experienced their first high school level test and are already powering on to the next unit. Way to hustle 8th grade!

Library/Media Center

  • Students may begin signing up for the WMS Library Battle of the Books the first week of September. The sign up form is available through the Library Schoology group or by directly signing up from the newsletter. Sign up for 2021-22 WMS Library Battle of the Books today!
  • Notices have been sent home with some students about missing books. Please return any checked out books as soon as possible to avoid library fines.

Personalized Learning Department

Please read the Quarterly Counseling Newsletter for our latest updates and information.

Ms. Watkins (6th Grade for 21/22)

Questions/Concerns for Ms. Watkins

Mrs. Cavazos (8th Grade for 21/22)

Questions/Concerns for Mrs. Cavazos

Mrs. Simon (7th Grade 21/22)

Questions/Concerns for Mrs. Simon

Mrs. Reyna (Lead Counselor)

Questions/Concerns for Mrs. Reyna

UIL, Avid, & Athletics


Happy Friday!!!!!!!!

Just a few quick items to kick off our Labor Day Holiday Weekend.

Don’t forget ALL Band Students must purchase their 2021-22 Band Shirt through the Online Store by Sunday Sept 12th. Beginner Band White T-Shirt All other the Short Sleeve Red T-Shirt

Also, please visit to update your Student’s Profile, please check to see that parent contacts are updated and also please take care of any fees posted in the finance section. School code is woodcreekmsband (all lower case no spaces) password is your student’s ID. Contact Ms. Hitt if you need assistance.

Thank all of you who responded to the Volunteer sent home earlier in August. Please confirm your volunteer signup by signing up on the Sign-up Genius Below, this will give us a better idea of how things are looking from week to week and if we need to reach out for further support. (Keep in Mind ALL Proceeds go to support the WMS Band Program)

WMS Football Concessions

Also, the High School is in need a few of us to help out in the Concession Stand for the Homecoming Game next week. Let’s show our Lion support. Use the Sign up below!/showSignUp/409044da4af2aa64-schs

Beginner Parents the RevTrak Link is live please pay your student’s Fairshare Fee of $15.00

School Instrument usage fee link is also live

Lastly, we are in desperate need of Kleenex and Paper Towels.

As always please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Carrie Hitt, Beg Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, Saxophone

Chad Allen, Beg Trumpet, French Horn, Euphonium, Tuba

Sherry Merritt, Beg Clarinet, Trombone, Percussion

  • ALL 8th Grade Band students will be performing in the stands at the SCHS Varsity Football Game on Sept 18th with the Summer Creek HS Marching Band. Please visit Charms to order/purchase your Gold Fight Win T-Shirt.

  • ALL Concert, Symphonic and Honors Band students need to purchase/order your Gold Fight Win Shirts through Charms by Friday Sept 10th. We will wear these for the 7th Grade Game we are performing at on Sept 20th as well as on Friday Sept 24th at our School Wide Gold Fight Win Pep Rally.

  • ALL Beginner Band Students will be taking their instruments home for the first time. Their Assignment is to teach a family member how to assemble and disassemble their instrument. From this week moving forward, Beginner Band Students will be required to bring their instruments home each afternoon and will have playing assignments for Homework. In the mornings they will stop at the Cafeteria (if they are getting breakfast) and then bring their instruments to the Band Room and place them in their assigned locker and then go to First Period.


  • Beginner - We have learned how to properly hold the instrument and now are preparing for note reading, rhythm reading, and playing tests using notes on the D string. We are beginning to prepare for our first concert on October 20th.

  • Higher Levels - Preparing for the Hauntcert on October 28th. Sinfonia and Chamber students are preparing Region Orchestra audition music for either a 9 week test or to attend the auditions on October 23rd


  • All WMS Choir students are diligently preparing for our upcoming concert in October. We are also working on sight singing techniques as well as ear training exercises.


  • Updates - Rehearsals have started for our fall play, Murder at the Malt Shop. Performance dates are October 20 - 22 @ 7 pm. Everyone is invited to watch and support WMS Theatre!

  • Drama Club is in full swing. Our next meeting is September 7 @ 7:50 am. Students should make sure to register through the QR code that was handed out (and is posted outside of Mrs. Maake’s room.)


  • 6th Update - Scholars had an opportunity to meet their tutors this week and get to know them. They also began learning about the Socratic Tutorial Process they will utilize on Tuesdays and Thursdays during their class time.
  • 7th/8th Update - Scholars met new and got reacquainted with returning college tutors, reviewed the tutorial process and engaged in a Family Friday.

Woodcreek Athletics

Girls' Athletics Update

  • Volleyball Results

    • 7th grade A&B teams both won vs TMS Volleyball Players of the Week - Kasia Bonner & Madisyn Whitakke

    • 8th grade B Team won/ A team Lost vs TMS Volleyball Players of the Week - Celia Davis & Laila Walker

  • Top Off-Season Performers of the Week
      • 7th grade Offseason Athlete of the Week - Akirra Roberts has been exhibiting ELITE work ethic all week, and is a great example for her peers to emulate. She works hard and encourages others!

      • 8th grade Offseason Athlete of the Week - Xaqueria Gray has shown Elite work ethic the past couple of weeks!

Boys' Athletics

Boys' Athletic Update-

  • Football will kickoff Tuesday September 7, (7th grade) and Wednesday September 8 (8th grade) against Creekwood at Kingwood High School. Game times are at 5:30pm and 6:45pm

CC Top Performers (09/01 Meet @ RMS)

7th Grade Boys - 2nd Overall
  • 4th Place Samuel Estrada (12:58)
  • 8th Place - Ty Fernandez (13:35)
  • 9th Place - Cayden Harrison (13:37)

8th Grade Boys - 1st Overall

  • 3rd Place - Caden Perry (23:26)
  • 5th Place - Braxton Ardoin (12:31)
  • 6th Place - Octavio Arranbide (12:32)
  • 7th Place - Devin Guzman (12:36)
  • 8th Place - Michael Morris (12:40)

7th Grade Girls - 2nd Overall

  • 6th Place - Addison Hancock (14:49)
  • 8th Place - Zoe Frith (14:53)
  • 9th Place - Marin Tippy (14:53:50)

8th Grade Girls - 3rd Overall

  • 8th Place - Reese Shevchek (14:12)

Woodcreek Rosebuds Interest Meeting

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PTO Information

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WMS Campus Procedure Reminders


If you are planning to pick-up your child early, you must do so BEFORE 3:15 PM. You must have an administrators' approval if you are in need of picking up your child after the 3:15 PM cut-off time.

WMS Pick-Up & Drop-Off

Please be sure that all before and after school student pick-ups and drop-offs occur in the front of the school. The bus ramp area is for buses and transportation service vehicles only.

21-22 Future Late Arrival Dates

September 2021-

  • 9/16, 9/23, 9/30

October 2021-

  • 10/14, 10/21, 10/28
November 2021-
  • 11/4, 11/11, 11/18
December 2021-
  • 12/2, 12/9
January 2022-
  • 1/13, 1/27
February 2022-
  • 2/17, 2/24
March 2022-
  • 3/3, 3/10, 3/24
April 2022-
  • 4/21, 4/28

Woodcreek's Big 3:

Be on Time. Wear Your ID. Put Your Phone Away

Morning Wandering & Tardy Consequences

In efforts to deter student wandering in the mornings, we will us a systematic consequence approach. We will follow the consequences as outlined below:

  1. Warning
  2. Assigned Lunch D-Hall
  3. Assigned After School D-Hall
  4. Assigned After School Extended D-Hall
  5. Assigned After School Extended D-Hall...Also, other consequences may be assigned by the grade level assistant principal.

Below are the consequences that will be assigned for tardies:

  • 1st & 2nd Tardy: Warnings
  • 3rd & 4th Tardy: Parent Phone Call & After-School Detention
  • 5th & 6th Tardy: Parent Conference & Thursday Class Assigned
  • 7th+ Tardy: ISS Assigned and Intervention Planned w/Parents

**All tardies will be cleared at the conclusion of each 9-week grading period**


We are working to get all students new ID pictures taken. We are hoping that we will have this item completed by the conclusion of next week. Once your student has received their ID badge, they must wear it at all times during school hours and at any school sponsored events.


Cell phones must not be visible during school hours unless they are being used in the classroom for instructional purposes, as determined by the teacher.

  • 1st Offense: Parent will be contacted & the phone will be returned to the student at the end of the day.
  • 2nd Offense: Parent will be contacted & the phone will ONLY be returned to the parent.
  • 3rd Offense: Parent will be contacted, the phone will ONLY be returned to a parent/guardian, & ISS will be assigned to the student.
  • 4th Offense: Parent will be contacted, cell phone will be checked-in daily & returned to the student at the end of the school day.