Rio Vista Scoop

March/April 2020

Spring has sprung in Rio Vista

It is great to see while we are all social distancing that more people are taking to the outdoors. Neighbors riding bikes, walking, and children playing outside more has really made the neighborhood feel friendlier than ever.

Something just not right?

Don't be afraid to contact the guard shack if you notice anything suspicious or in violation of the law. Or, if have safety or trespassing concerns please contact the guard shack at 713-340-7564
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  • From time to time there continues to be trespassing issues within the community. Please keep in mind there is no public property in the community other than the park area. All properties whether vacant or occupied are private property. This includes bayous and trails in addition to building lots.
  • Not to discourage anyone from enjoying our community please keep in mind our streets are under County jurisdiction or Patton Village. Should you choose to ride a unlicensed or illegal vehicle on the streets you are subject to all current traffic laws.
  • Montgomery County is currently doing emergency calls only hence the blockage on South Mesa is on hold until further notice.
  • Recently there have been several discussions concerning culverts installed by builders. The County no longer installs builder culverts due to insufficient equipment and man power. The POA and CAM now require builders to get a permit from CAM and they are required to install them in accordance with County requirements.
  • we currently have 400 plus people on our FB page and periodically a board member will post up dates on the FB page.
  • we usually only get 20 + people in attendance to attend the POA meeting where you are welcome to bring up your concerns regarding the community. We encourage all residents to attend the quarterly POA meetings when ever possible.
  • Our next POA meeting has been postponed until further notice due to the COVID 19. This will be rescheduled as soon as we are cleared to hold meetings again.

Our community is managed by Community Asset Management-CAM Megan Beebe is our representative

CAM address:

9802 Bypass West

Suite 210

Humble, TX 77338