By:Gavin Sarra

Fast Facts

  • Argentina is in the continent of South America
  • Argentina's capital is Buenos Aires
  • The population of Argentina is 43,431,886
  • The area of Argentina is 1,073,518
  • The main language of Argentina is Spanish
  • The main religion of Argentina is Christian
  • The distance between Buenos Aries to Washington D.C is 514,382

Land and Climate

Argentina is the 8th biggest continent in the world. It is a little bit smaller then India but as big as two Texas's. The temperature is really hot in the north and that where they play Futbal. Now near the south is where the all the cold is. A famous water fall called Iguazu falls is a little bit bigger then Niagara falls


The people that live in Argentina love to play and watch soccerThe sport soccer is very famous in Argentina because there is a world cup team there. The Argentina team made it to the world cup last year but lost to Germany. A favorite on the team is Lionel Messi and he is very good. The people of Argentina also love to play basketball, volleyball and rugby


New Year's Day (1 Jan.); Día de las Malvinas (2 Apr.); Easter; Labor Day (1 May); Anniversary of the May Revolution (25 May); Flag Day (20 June); Independence Day (9 July); Día de San Martín, for who is known as “the liberator” of Peru, Chile, and Argentina and who defeated the Spanish in 1812 (17 Aug.); Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity (12 Oct.); and Christmas (25 Dec.). In recent years, some Argentines have begun to celebrate Halloween(Oct31). On Christmas eve everyone in the country meets for barbeques, dancing and music. On Christmas day every one meets for opening gifts.

Things I Would Like To Do

I would want to see a very good soccer team called Argentina play in another world cup. I would want to get an autograph from Lionel Messi. I now know that Argentina is a major beef producer and I would want to eat a lot of beef because I love meat. I would join there weekend barbeque because I love having barbeques. I would want to see the water fall Iguazu Falls.