John Locke

Enlightenment Philosopher


Where was John Locke born?

John Locke was born in the Wrington, United Kingdom in 1632

What was John Luke's job?

He was a physician and a philosopher.

What is his greatest achievement?

Locke wrote an essay concerning the human understanding. It was about theories of ideas and knowledge. It was published December 1689.
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What were his political thoughts?

Locke contradicted Thomas Hobbes, he believed that the original state of nature was happy and characterized by reason and tolerance


Who are going to be John Locke's friends from the enlightenment period?

Thomas Hobbes and Voltaine they both have some of the same perspective.

Who are going t be John Locke's friends from the 21st century? Why?

Samantha Palacios because she can be very political about things and she can back things up with facts.

Steve Garza because he sees things differently and really thinks things through.

Write a famouse quote in your own words

What you worry about, you will become.
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