6th Grade Camp T-Shirt Design

Design our 2014 t-shirt using the theme "Neon Gummy Bears"

Contest Information and Rules

*All entries must be submitted by email (jfogle@ithacaschools.net) or print and received no later than Wednesday, April 23rd.

*All entries must be "print screen" ready--either neatly drawn using a Sharpie or computer generated design.

*Entries must use the camp name, NEON GUMMY BEARS somewhere on the shirt design.

*All entry designs must NOT be larger than 8.5" x 11"

*All artwork and designs must be original

Surely you can do better than our sample design!

Camp T-Shirt Designs Due

Wednesday, April 23rd, 3pm

North Elementary School, 201 East Arcada, Ithaca, MI, United States

Please make sure your entry is received before the deadline!