May 19, 2016

In Eagle Times this week...

  • Registration Information
  • The Year End is Nigh!
  • Graduate Survey
  • ISWA Student in the Seattle Times
  • Graduation Photos
  • Lifeline Schedule Update
  • Eagle Times Newsletter contributor info - Updated!
  • Insight School of Washington COMMENCEMENT CEREMONY RSVP (Class of 2016)

Register by May 31st!

Don't forget to register for next year! Unregistered students will be withdrawn shortly after May 31st.

Class registration is opening soon, you will not be able to choose your classes until you re-register!

Step 1: Log into the OLS using Learning Coach Credentials
Step 2: Go to "My info" In Quicklinks
Step 3: On the "My info" page, click "Re-Register Now"

See bellow image for visual reference

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14 More School Days

We are quickly approaching the end of the year. The last day of school is June 10th.

You are so close to finishing, don't give up now. YOU'VE GOT THIS.

Seattle Times: Student Voices

ISWA Student, Rahima Ali, work was selected to appear in the Seattle Times!


We are glad you found ISWA Rahima!

Student Artwork- Maggie Gilk

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Graduation Photos!

Last Lifeline

Join Sarah Atchison and your schoolmates on Tuesdays to hang out and have fun! Actual times will vary week to week, so be sure to check you Class Connect schedule.

The last Lifeline of the year will be held on May 31st.

Roses- Rowan Bender

She told me it was a clandestine operation

She said it was for the betterment of the nation

The bucket of Red Paint was a symbol of the crown

I felt as if I was going to drown

I’ve never been one to keep to myself

But I had to put it on the top shelf

So I grabbed the paint brush and before I knew

Half the garden was crimson before high noon!

And all the purity of white

Was gone by the following night

Eat the cake they said

Drink the potion they said

I really hope I’ve only hit my head

Photo Credit- Rowan Bender

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Are you an artist? Do you write song lyrics? Do you paint, draw, or take photographs? Are you a gifted writer? We need your creativity!

To share your ideas and interests:
Please email Sarah Atchison satchison@k12insightwa.org
Contact either by kmail! Be sure to send your submission as an attachment!

Photo Credit- Maggie Gilk



We are working really hard to put together an amazing yearbook, but we need your help. We have several pages that just don’t have enough photos.

How to Upload Photos

Go to replayit.com to submit your photos. You can also watch this video and Athena will show you how simple it is to upload your photos: http://bit.ly/1IRj2Cr

Purchase Your Yearbook!

Want to own a copy of the 2015-2016 Insight School of Washington yearbook? Place your order today! In June, it will be mailed to you. http://bit.ly/1n4PQ11

Photo Credit- Maggie Gilk


Prom is Saturday, June 18th, from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Bellevue College Address:

Student Union, Building C

3000 Landerholm Circle SE

Bellevue, WA 98007

ALL Insight School of Washington students (all grade levels) are invited to attend Prom!


  • Prom is FREE for all Insight School of Washington students and one non-student guest

  • Every ISWA student may bring one (1) guest

Check your K-Mail for the Guest Pass

Every guest must provide a guest pass, signed by their school administrator

If you would like to bring a guest over the age of 20, you must receive permission from Principal Hammond

  • Dress code is semi-formal

Semi-formal or formal gowns

Semi-formal or formal suits with button-up shirts (ties and jackets are encouraged)

  • We will have a room set up on-site for parents/guardians/drivers who want to stay close while students enjoy Prom

Students will be able to purchase photo packages directly from the photographer

Check your K-Mail for the Photo Package and Prices

  • We will have a photo booth, a professional DJ, dance lights, and light snacks and beverages

  • Check our website under FAQs- How do I/Where is? section complete Prom Information!
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Insight School of Washington COMMENCEMENT CEREMONY

Saturday, June 18th, 1pm

3000 Landerholm Circle Southeast

Bellevue, WA

All Seniors graduating in June 2016 and those who meet graduation requirements in January 2016 are encouraged to attend and be a part of our graduation event. The entire student body along with faculty, friends and family are invited to join us. There is no fee to attend, and graduates are not required to attend.

  • Get your Graduation questions answered! Attend the Graduation Town Hall on May 30th at 4pm orJune 2nd at 6pm.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.