The Three Branches of Goverment

By: Carter S

About The Three Branches

The three branches of the goverment are the legislative branch, the judicial branch,and the executive branch. Those are the three branches. The legislative branch makes new laws.Then, theres the judicial branch they make shour that every single thing in every single law is fare so that way we are a better country overall because we are a fiar country.They also decide what poeple punishments if they brake the law and how long that punishment lasts. It also depends what they have done if it is a long punishment or a short punishment.Last but not least there is the executive branch the executive branche's job is to carry out laws or the executive branch can do something called a veto. If they veto that means it will have to go to the judicial branch. They can also do another thing called a override.If they override that means that it is a law will still be a law even if the presedent vetos the law. Those are the three diferent branches. Again the three branches are called the judicial branch, the legislative branch, and the judicial branch and those are the three branches of the goverment.

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