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February 17, 2016

It's Digital Learning Day!

Earning the DLD badge to display on their doors are Scott Dallas and Mary Feagley! Scott will be using ActivExpressions at 8:15 this morning and Mary's class will be exploring and creating infographics about the life of William Shakespeare. You can visit Mary's class any time today!

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Teach Like The Tonight Show: #DLDayRap Hashtag Challenge!

Hop over to Shake Up Learning to read about the DLDay Challenge!
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Struggling with ActivExpressions and Study Island?

If so, this tip is for you! Julie Jackson and Connie Jesch have discovered Group Sessions in Study Island. This new feature of Study Island allows the teacher the ability to set up any lesson as a group session. Using their iPads, students join group sessions and are lead in a real-time activity where they can enter responses. Check out this informative guide:

Creating a New Group Session as a Teacher:

1. Select your desired topic.

2. Click “Group Session” as the session option and then click “Next”.

3. Chose “New Session” and click “Next”.

4. Select your class from the drop-down menu.

5. Create a title for your assignment.

6. Select the desired number of questions for your assignment.

7. Click “Start Session”. (This will allow the students to see the group session on their My Class page.)

Launching a New Group Session as a Student:

1. From the My Class page, click on the class name. The most recent Group Session will appear at the top of the assignments list.

2. Click on the appropriate “Group Session”.

Start Polling: Allows students to submit their answers.

Stop Polling: Allows you to pause the assignment. Students will not be able to submit an answer during this time.

Next Question: Allows you to advance to the next question. Students cannot navigate between questions without action from you.

Group Session Results: You can see how your students are preforming on the assignment. Save for Later: Allows you to save all progress on a Group Session and return to it later.

End Session: Ends the session and posts all student results.

The Group Session Report can be accessed on the Reports page.

BrightBytes Data Collection

The deadline for teacher and student survey submissions is FRIDAY, Feb. 19, 2016. Be sure you and your students have taken the BrightBytes survey before the deadline!
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Have you submitted your proposal for the 4C's Conference? What are you waiting for? Do it TODAY!

Connecting the 4Cs Conference

Tuesday, June 7th, 8am to Wednesday, June 8th, 4pm

700 Harriett Street

Mount Vernon, IN