"I've got to get Ready"

How to protect myself and my family against the plague

The Options

There were a lot of ideas on how to minimize the people catching the disease at the meeting. From what I have learned, I have made a list of all of the ordinances that seemed the most plausible for my family and for the whole city...

Most Practical

All of these ordinances are needed for a chance of survival of the plague. I believe that the most important ordinances are "Lucca" and "Food". I believe that there should not be any contact between Lucca and the outside world. If there are, that would mean that the plague will have an easier way to go around the cities/countries faster and easier. Also, everybody should eat well because everybody needs to be strong against this mighty disease that is sweeping across the countries, killing millions. Both of these ordinances will help us greatly at trying to defeat this horrid disease. They are both helpful to the said city of Lucca, and are not the hard to enforce.

Family vs City

There aren't many differences of ordinances I would choose for my family than for the city. I believe that all of my chosen ordinances will help (against the plague) and are fair to all. I do not believe that one should die for something they have done wrong, and my family shall not; that is not fair. I treat my dear city, Lucca, like it's a part of my family.