Six Types of Government


Theocracy is when the government is controlled and based on the religion of the controlling group. Theocracy was common in early governments.

Examples of tried theocracy governments are Saudi Arabia, and Iran.


This is when one party has complete control. It is pretty much a government that gives you no individual freedom. It is when a person or group tries to control all aspects of your life.
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One absolute leader has the people's blind obedience to him/her. Only one person or a small group of people are making the choices, and nobody questions them.


The rules and decision making by one individual. The power is normally contained to one bloodline/family and is passed down to the next in line when the person in power is no longer capable of being in power.
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People elect others to represent them and make decisions. That one person represents all the people, and s/he makes the decisions.


Everyone is represented and has an equal say. This can be a good thing, but when a disagreement comes up it can make the whole thing fall apart. Some people can handle it, some cannot.

To review the six types of government are...