Southern Colonies

Nathaly Cisneros

Geography &nd Climate

Coastal Plains

- Rich, Fertile Soil

Southern Back country

- Hilly, Thick Forests

Warm Climate

Plenty of Rainfall

Long Growing Season

7-10 months

Great area for agriculture

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Leader in South Carolina

The founders of the Carolina's were, 8 men called, The Lord Proprietors, the reason founded was, for economic opportunities
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At first Carolina was a single colony, but settlements were too far apart making it hard to govern, so Carolina was split into 2 colonies. North &nd South Carolina were proprietary Colonies. A proprietary Colony was, a colony that had to have permission. So, South &nd North Carolina was a proprietary colony because, they had permission form the King to get divided into 2 different colonies. The Proprietors managed the colonies so poorly that within 27 years, they were made into royal colonies. Royal Colonies were, colonies were colonies that had everything decided from the king, the government, and everything.

Natural Resources &nd Farming in the South Carolina Colony

Natural Resources in the South Carolina Colony were, fur, timber, and fish. Farming in South Carolina; there are large plantations, Cash Crops in South Carolina; rice, indigo (a plant that makes blue dye). and tobacco.
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Slaves &nd Industries in South Carolina.

Slaves in South Carolina, required a large work force to grow and harvest cash crops. Slave Codes, laws to control slaves which denied their basic rights. 85% of slaves lived in the Southern Colonies.


-Ship building

- iron works



-Indigo dye

- Tobacco

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Migration &nd Reasons for Migration

80% of the settlers in South Carolina were Engilsh origin. A group of Ducth settlers came to South Carolina, from New York. Colonists would migrate to South Carolina because their was a lot of economic opportunities.
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Reasion for Settlement

Colonists would settle in South Carolina because, their was a long growing season approximately 7-10 months, and rich fertile soil. This Colony was perfect for farming. South Carolina had plenty of rainfall. &nd was a great area for agriculture.
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