The Pacific Blob

Kirsten Verba

What's the Pacific Blob?

About a year ago, scientists began to notice the growing warm waters located in the gulf of Alaska and southern California. The temperature they measured came out to be an astounding 5.4 degrees (Fahrenheit) above the average sea temperature, which when considering sea surface temperatures, that's a huge difference. Those 5.4 degrees has been at a constant level for several months now. Currently, this warm water is also affecting the marine life. The salmon market will decrease due to the fact that Salmon live in the colder waters. Tropical sharks and Skip-jack Tuna are traveling all the way up to Alaska, hundreds of miles out of where they are normally found. As of right now, weather experts are stumped. ¨Maybe it will go away quickly and we won't talk about it anymore, but if it persists for a third year, then we'll know something really unusual is going on." Said Dennis Hartman, a professor of atmospheric science at the University of Washington.
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Facts about The Pacific Blob

  1. Could be held responsible for the wild fires in California (due to lightning strikes).
  2. The Pacific Blob could also be the reason for California's current mega-drought.
  3. The Blob is affecting how much snow Alaska receives.
  4. Not caused by global warming, but it is producing global warming-like conditions.
  5. Possibly contributed to Washington's mild summer.
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