Egyptian Government

A day in the life of a Pharaoh

The morning

In the morning the Pharaoh will perform a ceremony to bring up the sun. Then as the "child" of the Sun God Re he must perform a ceremony in the temple.

Afterward he walks with the High Priest through the temple to the sanctuary. Inside he approaches the statue of Re. He asks questions and receives answers. With the questions over he is presented with a bull. He says prayers and the sacred butcher cuts the bulls throat as a sacrifice for the gods.


After his daily morning activity's the Pharaoh returns to his palace to have lunch. Afterwards he goes for a tour of the city. With his body guards he visits construction sites where buildings are constructed in his honor.


His finally duty is in the late evening. He returns to the temple for a ceremony of the sun setting and night falling. Then he goes home for an early nights rest.