Before the Written Word

Exploring Elements of Literature: 10 Days

Project Dossier

Elements Multimedia Project - 3 days

Students will identify and analyze elements of literature (narration, characters, setting, theme, plot, subplot, mood, tone, diction) by creating multimedia presentations to be used in the English department online repository. Click here for the grading rubric.

Elements of a Myth Inventory and Summary - 4 Days

Students will then apply their knowledge of the elements by analyzing a researched, ancient Germanic or Celtic myth by identifying its literary elements and explaining how they reflect on the historical, social, and economic ideas of its time. Click here for the inventory.

Myth Comparison - 3 Days

Students will then compare the differences and similarities between two myths of a universal theme, and how the elements of literature functioned in the communication of the theme. The comparison should include the moral dilemmas of the story as presented by the motives of the characters.