By Sierra Shipwash

Protect Animals in the Rainforest

Everyday people cut down trees in the forest and don't even think about what happens to the other things that live with that tree. Animals lose their homes, we lose oxygen, and we also lose more of this planet that we love. I think we should protect the animals in the rainforest.


Animals have habitats that get polluted or chopped down. Toxins leak into rivers and streams contaminating the animals that live there. Also, people chop down trees leaving animals homeless.
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You never know what you can find in the rainforest. There may be all sorts of medicine to help us live but other people just chop it down. There might be a cure for Cancer out in the forest, but people will just plow it all down.
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The trash people throw away today can hurt other things tomorrow. Animals might think they can eat the trash they see on the ground. This ends up to be a huge problem.
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In the End, everyone should think before they throw trash on the ground. Before they cut down trees. But most importantly think before you put an animals life in danger. They are a part of this planet too.